White Rabbit & Brown Sugar Boba Candles Mean You Can Smell Your Calories Burning Literally

White Rabbit Candles & Brown Sugar Boba Candles Are Your BFFs When You’re On Diet

When you want to stick to a low-carb diet, the savory aroma of BBT shops and bakeries may be enough to quell your cravings.

However, instead of just sticking to the fragrances, you’re tempted to buy a bulk of your faves and binge to your heart’s content.

Lucky for us, BobaLabCo – an Etsy shop based in Australia – has created scented candles with aromas inspired by popular snacks like boba tea, white rabbit, and haw flakes.

As you attempt to lose the pounds you gained from quarantine, here are the candles that could be your BFFs.

1. Brown sugar boba candle

Brown sugar boba is the unhealthiest BBT, with 18.5 teaspoons of sugar. Unfortunately, when you skip your daily dose of BBT, your tastebuds might go into shock.

To help you achieve your fitness goals, we highly recommend the brown sugar boba candle.

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This product may just trick you into thinking that you’re smelling caramelised brown sugar swirls and chewy honey pearls from a non-existent drink.

2. White rabbit boba candle

Last year, white rabbit creamy candies have made a comeback in our lives in milk tea form.

We bet you let go of your dedication to almond milk and soya milk, the moment you heard the news.

Hopefully, these candles can fuel your weight loss goals by letting you smell your cherished candy so you can resist the urge to drink high-calorie fresh milkshakes.

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3. Haw Flakes candle

They say smell can make food taste better. So, we’re curious about the taste of addictive haw flakes when its aroma is on full blast.

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4. Dalgona boba candle

For those that succumbed to quarantine food trends, dalgona coffee is probably your prime suspect for gaining more pounds.

If you want to let this go in moderation, then this dalgona-scented candle should be a fixture in your dining table.


5. Milo drink candle

The merits of sugary sweet BBT may have led to numerous debates with your health-conscious grandparents and parents. Yet, we can all agree that Milo drink is the signature comfort drink that we will love forever.

While you can’t chug Milo 24/7, you can buy the fragrance of the decadent dark chocolate milk and keep it in every desk in your home.


6. Watermelon soju candle

Soju is the go-to drink in K-dramas to restore your sanity after facing many dilemmas in your work life and personal life. In contrast, this soju candle might not have a lot of alcohol, but we’re hoping it can achieve the same effect.


7. Mooncake boba candle

Even if we’re dedicated to a healthy diet right now, the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival will have us stuffing our stomachs with homemade mooncakes from our mum and aunts.

To avoid binging more than you should, you could liven up your living room with this mooncake-scented candle so you can smell your calories burning.


8. Strawberry pocky boba candle

Each time you light this candle, the scent of sweet red strawberry Pocky sticks will surround your humble abode. This way, you can resist the urge to return to the grocery store when your Pocky stash runs out.


Boba candles for burning calories

BobaLabCo offers food-inspired candles priced from S$15.64.

Interested customers can visit their Etsy store or Instagram account to check out their latest products.

Tasty treats like brown sugar bubble tea and White Rabbit milk drinks have become a common part of our daily diet.

These drinks are irresistibly delicious, but to consume them in moderation, we may need scented candles to help us stay on track and achieve our health goals.

Are you interested in these sweet-smelling candles? Let us know in the comments below.

Featured image adapted from Instagram

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