Last Supermoon Of 2022 Graces S’pore Skies On 11 Aug, Ethereal Beauty Stuns Onlookers

Last Supermoon Looks Extra Large & Bright On 11 Aug

Celestial events like supermoons make our natural satellite appear brighter and larger than usual. They’re also a delightful surprise for residents gazing at the night sky from the comfort of their own homes.

On Thursday (11 Aug), Singaporeans were stunned by the huge supermoon, otherwise known as the Sturgeon Moon, that illuminated our skies. It’s also the last supermoon of the year, so we won’t be able to relive the experience for quite some time.

last supermoon

Source: Timothy Chua Jia Yao on Facebook

Last supermoon of 2022 emerges in Singapore skies

Much like all supermoons, the Sturgeon Moon looked more radiant than usual because its orbit was apparently closest to Earth at the time.

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Source: Sengkang Pineapple Tarts on Facebook

The Sturgeon Moon derives its name from the giant sturgeons, or large fish, that were easily caught during this time of the year, according to

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Source: Farzanah Kanaan on Facebook

For some witnesses, the clouds seemingly parted like a ripple of waves and gave way to the moon in a very dramatic fashion.

Singaporeans share views of supermoon from different perspectives

In the CloudSpotting & SkySpotting Singapore Facebook group, Singaporeans shared shots of the celestial object from varying perspectives.

One lucky onlooker managed to capture the exact moment when a plane appeared in the middle of the moon near Marina Bay Sands (MBS).

last supermoon 4

Source: Quek Song Chye on Facebook

Over at Tampines, the moon looked like an ethereal light among a sea of clouds.

Source: Farzanah Kanaan on Facebook

Another passer-by near Bishan managed to capture the full moon ascending from behind the condominium. Now, we’re curious to know how the view looked from the top of the building.

Source: Bryan Chihan on Facebook

From the Seletar Reservoir, the moon surrounded by pitch-black clouds gave off a rather eerie vibe that could make hairs stand on end.

Source: Gladys Lim on Facebook

Appeared orange near sunrise

Early risers managed to capture the moon change as the Sun started to rise. If you were up by 3.30am, you might have seen the moon encircled by two halo rings.

Source: Tan Sharon on Facebook

Once the Sun started to rise, the moon briefly turned orange and reflected its amber hues.

Source: Jasmin JC on Facebook

Those who were awake by 6am also managed to catch the final glimpses of the same, calming sight.

Source: KW Seah on Facebook

Relive the moment in photographs

Life may be busy, but sometimes, slowing down and looking up will reward us with breathtaking views only Mother Nature can give.

Kudos to the vigilant folks who captured and shared the stunning sceneries from last night.

Though this may be the last full moon of 2022, who knows what else the universe will surprise us with, as we anticipate the next natural phenomenon?

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Featured image adapted from Quek Song Chye on Facebook and Bryan Chihan on Facebook.

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