Rare Strawberry Supermoon Graces S’pore Sky On 14 Jun, Lowest Full Moon Of 2022

Rare Strawberry Supermoon Appears In Singapore On 14 Jun

Rare events like ‘supermoons’ give us an opportunity to view our celestial neighbour as it moves closest to the Earth. It might also be a delightful surprise for residents looking out their windows to stare at evening cityscapes.

On Tues (14 Jun), Singaporeans shared photos of the rare strawberry supermoon online. According to Channel NewsAsia (CNA), it is the lowest full moon of the year, making it appear bigger and brighter than usual.

strawberry supermoon

Source: Benjamin Ong on Facebook

And fret not, if you missed it, you’ll still be able to see photographs that immortalise the event.

Strawberry supermoon appears on 14 Jun

Celestial enthusiasts shared photos of the rare strawberry supermoon that graced our skies on Tuesday night (14 Jun).

For those wondering, it’s not in a shade of red like a real strawberry.

strawberry supermoon 1

Source: Kevin Law on Facebook

The phenomenon is apparently named after the period when June-bearing strawberries are ripe and ready for harvest.

strawberry supermoon 2

Source: Benjamin Ong on Facebook

This supermoon is also the lowest full moon of 2022 ⁠— around 23.3 degrees above the horizon, according to NASA.

strawberry supermoon 3

Source: Mark Teo on Facebook

NASA explains that the Sun reaches its highest peak in the sky during the summer solstice. Full moons are opposite the Sun, so a full moon near the summer solstice makes the moon appear at its lowest point.

strawberry supermoon 4

Source: Min Min on Facebook

Singaporeans share pictures of rare supermoon

Members of CloudSpotting & SkySpotting Singapore Facebook group shared photos of the celestial event.

One netizen used a telescope to photograph the luminous moon, and you can clearly see the craters and minute details on its surface.

Source: Joe Isabel on Facebook

From the road, another resident shared a photo of the supermoon shining brightly atop our tall buildings.

Source: Desmond Ong on Facebook

Despite living a high-paced nightlife, this supermoon might encourage you to take a break to appreciate the view.

Source: Benjamin Ong on Facebook

Gazing at the moon can be rewarding too

As life slowly returns to normal, most of us have probably been busy hanging out with friends, going to bars, and having fun at karaoke sessions at night.

Still, you should take time to look up because Mother Nature could always surprise you.

We hope we can witness more beautiful celestial events in our city.

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Featured image courtesy of Joe Isabel on Facebook and Benjamin Ong on Facebook

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