S’pore Residents Try To Spot Super Flower Blood Moon But Catch A Bright Red Sunset Instead

Super Flower Blood Moon Preceded By Bright Red Sunset On 26 May

Just last month, the Pink Supermoon delighted lunar enthusiasts in our city. So, it’s no surprise that local stargazers bookmarked their calendars for the recent Super Flower Blood Moon.

Pink Supermoon Will Appear On 27 Apr, You Can See A Large Egg Yolk For The Next Few Days

But instead of the long-awaited lunar phenomenon, Singapore residents found a bright red sunset in its place on Thursday (26 May).

bright red sunsetSource

Although the supermoon was expected to be visible from 7.04pm, many were left disappointed because the skies were too cloudy. However, it seems early birds were fortunate enough to discover a red sunset.

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Fret not, if you didn’t see it for yourself. Here are some photos of the ruby red sunset taken by our residents.

Bright red sunset stuns early birds

On Thursday (26 May), Singapore was scheduled to witness a lunar eclipse with a scarlet supermoon. Once the Sun, Earth, and Moon reached perfect alignment, the moon would appear red as a result.

Unfortunately, cloudy skies blocked our view proving that even our best-laid plans can go awry.

On the bright side, eagle-eyed residents were able to catch sight of a super red sunset moments before the lunar event.

Super Flower Blood Moon bright red sunsetSource

Members of CloudSpotting & SkySpotting Singapore Facebook group shared photos of the sun shining with a brilliant hue amid the thick clouds.

Super Flower Blood Moon bright red sunset 1Source

Though they didn’t find a Super Flower Blood Moon, some folks bore witness to a super red sun instead.

super flower blood moon sunset 3Source

Mother Nature seems to surprise us when we least expect it. Take a moment to appreciate your surroundings and maybe you’ll even get a glimpse of these rare moments.

super flower blood moon sunsetSource

Let Mother Nature surprise you

The bewildering scarlet sunset proves that taking time to occasionally gaze at the skies can feel rewarding.

Were you lucky enough to witness this super red sun? Share your photos to let us know in the comments.

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