Covid-19 Suspect Patient Praises NCID For Efficient Protocol, Confident S’pore Can Handle Situation

Covid-19 Symptoms Land Singaporean A 4-Hour NCID Visit Which Opens Her Eyes To Our Efficient Healthcare

Ever since the government released health advisories regarding Covid-19, the public has been hyper-conscious of people who sneeze or cough.

Too paranoid perhaps, that even a mild cough saw a woman end up at the National Centre for Infectious Diseases (NCID) on Friday (14 Feb).

Thankfully, doctors gave her the all-clear, so she could leave later that day.

But knowing the panic many would associate with such a scare, the lady decided to share her experience on Facebook.


She did so with hopes that a little insight into what goes on behind the scenes could quell people’s anxieties.

Doctor sends patient straight to NCID for coughs

A regular doctor’s visit turned dramatic very quickly for Facebook user Joyce, who was having coughs on Valentine’s Day on Friday (14 Feb).

Having nursed a cough for 6 months which she claimed CNY pineapple tarts and bak kwa worsened, Joyce went to a nearby Raffles Medical Clinic at 9.37 am to get medication.


Her coughs were probably bad enough that clinic staff immediately put her in an isolated waiting room.

There, a doctor in full Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) greeted her and informed her of her impending trip to the hospital.


Considering Joyce’s recent travel to Taiwan, fears that she may have brought in the infection also contributed to the doctor’s decision.

Medical staff attended to her efficiently & politely

In just a little over 15 minutes, Joyce was in the ambulance to Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH), which houses the NCID.


Instead of feeling scared or complaining about the inconvenience, Joyce shared how impressed she was “with the levels of alertness frontline medical staff are displaying.”

The fact that they didn’t hesitate to take all precautionary measures to her meant that they’re stopping at nothing to contain Covid-19.

The stellar service continued upon her arrival at NCID, where everything was “super organised and systematic”.


Joyce couldn’t stop praising the frontline staff, who also gave her some porridge after finding out that she hadn’t had breakfast since her morning visit to the doctor.


But of course, her admiration for medical staff went beyond their simple hospitality. The safe and orderly procedures within NCID also impressed Joyce greatly.

Shares step-by-step Covid-19 procedure in NCID

Many of us would imagine an extensive process when undergoing checks at NCID, but won’t know what to expect.

Having had a firsthand experience, Joyce shares some of NCID’s protocols, hoping to assure the public that we’re in safe hands.

1. Patients have to maintain a safe distance between each other


You won’t have to measure the distance out as staff have conveniently done that for you with red X’s.

2. All medical personnel wear the PPE


This may be a no-brainer but all staff at NCID have to wear the PPE, no exceptions made.

Not only are they protecting themselves, but they’re also showing patients that they are well-equipped to handle incoming cases.

3. Patients awaiting test results also kept far away from each other


According to Joyce, patients at the NCID have to sit at individual tables and chairs set far apart that they couldn’t even reach out to touch each other’s fingertips.

There’s no opportunity for physical contact between patients during the entire process.

4. All hospital equipment thoroughly disinfected

Medical personnel thoroughly disinfect all equipment before using them on the next patient, to prevent contamination.


Likewise, every surface that patients come into contact with, like the tables and chairs they sit at will also be cleaned.

Joyce said there’s even a special crew just to carry out these tasks, so medical personnel can focus on their duties. On top of that, many other tables and chairs were available, proof that NCID is more than able to accommodate more patients.

Respect to all medical staff in Singapore

At the end of the whole process which took almost 4 hours, Joyce was discharged after testing negative for Covid-19.

She received the cough medication she had set out for, and went home to rest.

As exhausting as her adventure at NCID was to get tested for Covid-19, it taught her one important thing — that Singapore’s healthcare workers can handle the crisis on hand.


Besides state-of-the-art equipment and efficient protocols, staff are also empathetic enough to treat patients with the kindness and care that they need to get through the process calmly.

For all that, Joyce praises and salutes our healthcare workers, who truly dedicate themselves to helping others.

Above all, she hopes that her experience will assure people that there’s no need to panic. Instead, we should channel our energy towards appreciating the frontline medical personnel who toil for hours every day to serve the community.

Featured image adapted from Facebook and Facebook.

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