68-Year-Old Passes Away After Watching NDP Evening Show

National Day Parade (NDP) is an annual occasion when Singaporeans gather to celebrate our achievements and aspirations moving forward.


This was especially the case for 68-year-old grassroots member Mr Heng Chiang Nguan, who sadly passed away on the night of National Day (9 Aug) itself.

On Tuesday (11 Aug), Punggol West MP Sun Xueling took to Facebook to pay tribute to Mr Heng, hoping that while we celebrate our “new heroes” this NDP, we do not forget those who have silently given their all over the years.


Singaporean man diagnosed with stomach cancer 2 weeks ago

In her post, Ms Sun shared that she had known Mr Heng for almost 20 years, since her early grassroots days in 2000.

Mr Heng was described as “very active”, helpful, and perpetually smiley.

However, 2 weeks ago, the 68-year-old was diagnosed with stomach cancer and told that his days were numbered.

Insisted watch NDP, passes away that night

On National Day, Mr Heng, like the rest of us, looked forward to the NDP celebrations.

Despite being ill, he was apparently adamant on tuning in to the National Day show that evening.

As the show drew to a close, Mr Heng was said to have raised his thumb and exclaimed that it was a “good show”.

He went to bed a proud Singaporean that night, but sadly never awoke again.

Ending her post, Ms Sun wrote that while we “celebrate new heroes” this National Day, we should not forget those who have worked hard silently over the years.


She bid Mr Heng an emotional farewell and vowed to keep him in her memory.

May he rest in peace

Our heartfelt condolences go out to Mr Heng’s family and friends over his departure.

While he may no longer be with us, we’re glad he left knowing Singapore is in the great hands of our future generations.

Above all, we’re grateful for his contributions over the years, playing a part in shaping Singapore into the lovely nation that we call home today.

Featured image adapted from Facebook