Shawn Mendes Visits Haji Lane, Gets New Tattoo 1 Day Before S’pore Concert

Shawn Mendes Gets “Good Luck” Inked On Upper Arm During Singapore Visit

Most of us would have heard of Chris Hemsworth‘s arrival in Singapore last month, which took Thor fans by storm.

This month, another celebrity hits our streets. And it’s none other than Canadian singer, Shawn Mendes.

If you’re a member of the Mendes army, then you might already be aware of his World Tour happening right now.

For those who may not know, Canadian singer Shawn Mendes will be performing live at the Singapore Indoor Stadium as part of his World Tour tonight (Friday, 4 Oct) at 8pm.


According to CNA, Shawn arrived at Changi Airport on Wednesday night (2 Oct) and was greeted by a swarm of excited Mendies — a name coined for fans of the 21-year-old.

Shawn Mendes stopped for selfies with fans

While roaming the streets of Singapore the next day, Shawn was recognised by many fans. He even stopped to take a few pictures with them.

The pictures were uploaded onto his Instagram fan page @mendes.army4ever shortly after. Here are a few pictures we saw.

This picture shows Shawn holding up the camera in a selfie with his fans who were grinning from eye to eye. They’re obviously elated to meet their idol.


In this picture, this fan probably felt that Shawn’s face was all that mattered, so she went ahead to crop her face out of their wefie.


Apart from meeting his fans from Singapore, Shawn was even adventurous enough to get himself tatted up at Haji Lane to commemorate his trip here.

Visited Bada Bink Tattoo Firm at Haji Lane

At around 10am yesteday (4 Oct), tattoo artist @andraytheposeur posted an Instagram story after finishing a tattoo piece for Shawn.

The story shows Shawn sitting in the Bada Bink Tattoo Firm at Haji Lane, with his freshly-inked upper arm.


This tattoo firm is known for “bright and bold traditional tattoo designs”. However, the tattoo Shawn got was a simple “Good Luck” in cursive lettering, at the back of his upper arm.

According to CNA, this tattoo design was inspired by the writings on a saucer he posted on his Instagram stories in June.

Good luck to Shawn Mendes at his world tour

The Shawn Mendes World Tour is held across selected Asian countries with Singapore as the third country he will be performing in.

Before arriving in Singapore, Shawn performed in Bangkok and Shanghai, and will be continuing his tour at 6 other Asian countries.

Having to perform live consecutively and constantly flying across the globe, we trust that Shawn really needs some luck for his throat.


Wishing Shawn good luck with his upcoming performances and staying healthy throughout his travels.

Feature image adapted from Instagram and The Star

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