S’porean Allegedly Called “Bitch” By AIA Agent, Company Investigating The Incident

Singaporean Allegedly Called “Bitch” By AIA Agent After Walking Away From Him

UPDATE (22 Jan, 6.22pm): AIA Singapore told MS News that they’ve reached out to the girl and are investigating the issue. Do check back for any updates on the situation.

We’ve also updated the article with their statement below.

Most Singaporeans would be familiar with insurance agent booths set up outside shopping malls.


Many of us are probably also guilty of deliberately plugging in our headphones and walking extra fast just to siam that one insurance agent who’s seemingly approaching us. Most of the time, it works.

But unfortunately, this siam technique backfired for a Singaporean lady.

On Tuesday (21 Jan), this lady posted on Facebook a recount of her experience with an AIA insurance agent.

In her post, she shared that the AIA agent allegedly called her a “bitch” for walking away from him.

Here’s how it all unfolded.

Walked past AIA booth set up outside Hougang MRT

On Tuesday, the girl was on her way home from school when she passed by an AIA booth set up outside Hougang MRT.


And just like other Singaporeans who already have insurance, she walked away from an approaching agent as she wasn’t interested.

Furthermore, she was on her AirPods so she probably reckoned that pausing her song for an impromptu insurance talk wasn’t worth it.

However, despite waving “no” at him, the girl noted that the insurance agent continued to follow her.

Agent stomped off & shouted “bitch” after getting rejected

Feeling annoyed, she finally told him, “I’m on my AirPods, I can’t hear you.”

At this, he stomped off, but not before dropping a bitch-bomb.

The girl clarified that she wasn’t sure if he shouted, but she’s certain that he said that word pretty loudly given that she could hear him through her noise-canceling earphones.

She also concluded that the insult was directed at her because she was the last person he talked to.

Confronted insurance agent

After a while, the Singaporean lady decided to return to the AIA booth to confront the insurance agent. When he saw her from a distance, the agent allegedly nudged his colleague and said, “来了来了, 她来拍我的照”.

Translation: There she is, she’s here to take my picture.

During the confrontation, the insurance agent denied calling her a “bitch” and allegedly swore that upon his life.

His colleague was also unwilling to reveal the insurance agent’s name to her until she insisted.

Asked what warranted that insult from the AIA agent

Despite expressing her wish to not engage, she doesn’t think it warranted such a reaction from the insurance agent, and said:

Isn’t rejection part of every job?

At the end of her post, the girl shared that her family has been loyal AIA customers for decades. She also noted that the agents dispatched by the company are a representation of the company.

AIA Singapore told MS News that all representatives of AIA are held to the highest standards to ensure that customers are treated fairly and with integrity, and swift action will be taken against anyone found to not uphold them.

They will continue to regularly review and reinforce the high standards expected of their representatives.

Featured image adapted from Singapore Property Launch and Facebook.

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