Online Sports Betting Resumes From 15 Jun, Amid Rise In Illegal Gambling During ‘Circuit Breaker’

After shutting down all Singapore Pools outlets in Apr, the Multi-Ministry Task Force (MTF) has given the green light for online sports bettings to resume from Monday (15 Jun) onwards.

Meanwhile, horse wagering for races based overseas will resume from Wednesday (17 Jun). Domestically, horse races are still suspended.

This appears to be the first of several steps to gradually reopen Singapore’s economy during Phase 1 and transitioning to Phase 2.

There are also concerns that illegal betting cases are rising, especially during the ‘Circuit Breaker’.

Singapore Pools outlets remain closed

For those who prefer to make your bets in person, you’ll have to wait a little longer.

Singapore Pools announced on their website that all other outlets will be closed.


This includes:

  • Branches
  • Authorised retailers
  • Livewire venues
  • Off-course Betting Centres

So the only way to gamble legally is through the Singapore Pools website.

No 4D, Toto, or Singapore Sweep

Another aspect that some may miss are the lottery draws, such as 4D, TOTO and the Singapore Sweep.

These will all be suspended until further notice, Singapore Pools said.

You’ll also have to wait for further news regarding collecting prizes from them, as they’re also suspended until further notice.

For those who won prizes from events held between Thursday (10 Oct 2019) and Sunday (5 Apr), and haven’t collected them, there’ll be an extension for when you can collect your winnings.

Combating illegal gambling and reopening economy

As mentioned before, the Government is taking a gradual approach to reopening the economy. Because gambling was deemed a non-essential activity, there are some who may have resorted to illegal means to get their gambling fix.

Hopefully, from tomorrow onwards, they won’t have to do so anymore, and can bet legally.

For other enquiries, you can contact Singapore Pools.

Featured image adapted from Google Maps.