M’sia Stall Vendor Uses Roadside Tap Water To Replenish Drinks, Called Out For Unhygienic Practice

Stall Vendor In Malaysia Uses Roadside Tap Water In Drinks

More often than not, we are completely left in the dark about how our food is prepared when eating out.

Finding out what goes on behind the scenes can be shocking, and in some cases, absolutely disgusting.

Twitter user @ohtweet recently shared a series of photos exposing a drink stall vendor in Malaysia for using roadside tap water to replenish his drinks.

His actions left multiple Malaysians disgruntled over the lack of hygiene maintained in preparing drinks that were sold to customers.

Street vendor uses roadside tap water in drinks

In a tweet captioned “Easy money”, a man can be seen collecting water from a roadside tap with a pail.

Source: Source: @ohtweet on Twitter

He is presumably a steeet vendor selling drinks as he carried the pail to his stall.

Source: @ohtweet on Twitter

The man then used the water to top up a coloured drink in another bucket.

Source: @ohtweet on Twitter

He was likely selling the drinks to unknowing consumers.

His actions drew flak over the unhygienic nature of using roadside tap water in his drinks without going through any purification processes, such as boiling or filtering.

Malaysians disgruntled over lack of hygiene

Following the original tweet, multiple other Twitter users shared their two cents on the situation.

One user shared that she was brought up to only drink water from reliable sources like restaurants instead of those from drink containers like at the stall.

Source: Twitter

Another user quipped that as unhygienic as it was, it was unlikely that the vendor could continuously boil water to replenish his drinks.

They also shared that they personally avoided roadside stalls due to this.

Source: Twitter

One Twitter user claimed that the use of roadside tap water in drink stalls was not uncommon.

They stated that their boss also used to do the same when they worked part-time at a bazaar.

Source: Twitter

Then there was this netizen, who defended the vendor by pointing out that there is a filter in the pipe.

Source: Twitter

Thus, the water was as clean as the one at home.

Tap water in Malaysia is theoretically safe for consumption

Now to answer the question on everyone’s mind: is tap water in Malaysia safe for consumption?

According to Free Malaysia Today, tap water in Malaysia is treated with chlorine.

The chlorine kills bacteria in the water, making it drinkable… in theory, at least.

Source: Imani on Unsplash, for illustration purposes only

However, experts have cautioned that drinking from the tap should be a last resort measure.

They advised people to boil their water to get rid of impurities and chlorine as far as possible.

This is because multiple factors can affect water quality post-treatment. They include repair work by water service providers and leakages in piping.

Additionally, contamination by pesticides and fertilisers near agricultural areas and chemicals from industrial plants may also affect the water quality.

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Featured image adapted from @ohtweet on Twitter.

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