26 S’pore On-Road Cyclists Fined S$150 For Breaching Cycling Group Size Rule

26 On-Road Cyclists Fined For Flouting Group Size Rules In Joint TP-LTA Operation

Between 24 June and 8 July 2023, officers from the Traffic Police (TP) and the Land Transport Authority (LTA) held an island-wide joint enforcement operation against on-road cyclists.

In their operation, authorities handed out 26 summons to errant cyclists who flouted on-road cycling group size rules in Singapore.

Each cyclist was fined S$150 for their offence.

SPF shared the outcome of the joint operation in a Facebook post and implored cyclists to abide by cycling rules.

26 on-road cyclists fined S$150 for flouting group size rules

In their post, SPF stated that they held a two-week joint operation with LTA from 24 June.

During their operations, the authorities dished out S$150 fines to on-road cyclists who had failed to oblige with group size regulations.

Source: Singapore Police Force on Facebook

The penalty for flouting group size rules, which increased on 1 Jan 2022, is now double the original S$75.

A similar increase was also imposed on fines for other offences, such as failing to stop at red lights and cycling on expressways, among others.

The regulations stipulate that cyclists must keep a maximum length of 5 bicycles when riding in groups.

On single-lane roads and during bus lane operational hours, on-road cyclists should keep to a maximum of five per group when travelling in single-file.

Source: Singapore Police Force on Facebook

They can, however, cycle two abreast on multi-lane roads outside of bus lane operational hours, allowing up to 10 people a group.

In a bid to prevent such incidents from recurring, authorities also conducted education outreach during their operations.

A video reposted onto Facebook page Roads.SG recorded the moment when a group of on-road cyclists disregarded cycling group rules, and then later faced the music of their actions.

They were allegedly cycling in a large group at Seletar Aerospace Drive, at 6.15pm on 8 July. This was coincidentally also the last day of the joint operation.

Judging by the images shared by SPF, the group is presumably one of the few that received fines during the operation.

Authorities urge cyclists to comply with regulations

In their post, SPF also urged cyclists to comply with cycling rules for their safety.

When engaging in on-road cycling, individuals must:

  • Obey all traffic signals and travel in the same direction as the flow of traffic
  • Wear a helmet when cycling on roads
  • Always ride as close as practicable to the far left edge of roads, and allow traffic to overtake you safely
  • Cycle in a single file on single-lane roads and during bus lane operational hours
  • Switch on front white and rear red light in the dark
  • Always use bicycle lanes when available, and do not use any other part of the roadway
  • Keep to a maximum length of five bicycles when riding in groups, which means a maximum of five cyclists if riding in single file, or 10 cyclists if riding two abreast
  • Not use mobile communication devices while riding
  • Not cycle on expressways, road tunnels and selected viaducts

Cyclists can find out more information on the rules and code of conduct for on-road cycling on the LTA website.

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Featured image adapted from Singapore Police Force on Facebook.

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