Cyclist Jumps Onto Car Hood Near i12 Katong, Clings On As Vehicle Keeps Moving

Cyclist Clings Onto Moving Car Near i12 Katong

Once in a while, the most peculiar incidents occur on public roads in Singapore.

Most recently, a bystander near i12 Katong recorded a perplexing incident that could have turned ugly.

In the short clip, a terrified cyclist calls for help as she clings to a moving car.

A few seconds earlier, she had jumped onto the bonnet of the car in question.

Cyclist jumps onto car hood & clings on when it starts moving

Earlier today (3 June), a video of a strange but dangerous incident in Katong started circulating on Facebook.

At the start of the 12-second clip, a cyclist — clad in her helmet, shades, and biking gear — hopped onto the bonnet of a stationary car.

Source: SG Kaypoh on Facebook

Following which, the driver immediately accelerated past a junction near i12 Katong.

Source: SG Kaypoh on Facebook

Amidst the honking, a woman could be heard screaming for help.

Based on the footage, it appears as though the cyclist managed to cling to the car for a few seconds before the video cut off.

Source: SG Kaypoh on Facebook

As the car moved past the junction, it’s hard to tell if the cyclist was still on it or had fallen off.

Netizens discuss who’s in the wrong

According to a bystander who overheard their exchange before the incident, the cyclist was angry at the driver for “cutting her during a turn”.

Source: Facebook

He then quipped that the driver made a mistake by driving off with her.

Another user echoed his sentiments, guessing that the driver would lose his licence due to the reckless act.

Source: Facebook

Meanwhile, a commenter opined that the driver should be held accountable for their actions.

Source: Facebook

Although what the cyclist did was unacceptable, the driver could have severely injured the individual.

Bystander captures bizarre incident involving cyclist near i12 Katong

Judging from the footage, it seems like both parties have engaged in impulsive and thoughtless actions.

Regardless of the argument, neither the driver nor the cyclist should have endangered themselves and others.

That said, we hope that the cyclist is safe and that both parties can reflect on their conduct.

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Featured image adapted from SG Kaypoh on Facebook.

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