Lady At Tekka Centre Dons Air-Purifying Respirator, Each Device Costs Around $1.1K

Lady At Tekka Centre Seen Equipped With Air-Purifying Respirator

In light of the recent rise in community cases and clusters, many understandably find the situation worrying.

As apparently does a lady who was seen donning a set of Powered Air-Purifying Respirator (PAPR) for upgraded protection against the virus.

She was spotted in front of a stall at Tekka Centre by Singapore’s ‘Blade Runner’ Shariff Abdullah today (25 May).


Marvelling at the novel upgraded equipment, Mr Shariff wondered where she managed to obtain the lab gear.

Lady dons air-purifying respirator at Tekka Centre

Earlier Tuesday (25 May), 2 people at Tekka Centre attracted public attention for having superior protection against Covid-19.


The lady has on her a Powered Air-Purifying Respirator (PAPR) while the man next to her dons a respirator mask.

Later on, a netizen also spotted them patronising what seems like a stall at a mall.


PAPR can offer strong shield against Covid-19

Though not our everyday protection against Covid-19, PAPRs do offer a stronger shield against the virus.

Essentially a type of respirator, a PAPR is fitted with a filter to deliver clean air to the mouth and nose.

As such, it provides a higher level of protection against contaminated air.

And yes, Covid-19 is possibly airborne.

Therefore, PAPRs are common in high-risk sectors like healthcare, heavy industrial, construction and pharmaceuticals.

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Moreover, persons with asthma will have an easier time breathing through PAPR than normal surgical masks.

This is because PAPR does the air filtering for you and one only needs to breathe as per normal without added pressure.

Available for purchase online

For those who wonder the same thing as Mr Shariff, PAPRs are available for purchase online.


Averaging S$1,126 (US$850) each, the lab-grade gear doesn’t fall on the cheap side.

However, some may argue that the price tag is worth the safety it brings. That said, a mask with filtration capabilities should be sufficient for heading outdoors.

Cool gear reminds one of Star Wars stormtrooper

There are several reasons one prefers PAPR over a regular mask, and it’s perfectly within one’s liberty to do so.

Similar to the Stromtrooper from Star Wars, the lady in PAPR is arguably a sight to behold.

Who knows — there might be a legitimate reason as to why she uses the PAPR.

Either way, let’s stay safe outdoors and always remember to don our masks properly if we have to go out.

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