S’pore Blocks Entry Of New Visitors With Travel History To Italy, France, Spain & Germany

Singapore Introduces New Travel Bans That Will Take Effect From 15 Mar

As Covid-19 continues to spread worldwide, the Singaporean government has intensified precautionary efforts to curb the spread of the coronavirus here.

On Friday (13 Mar), the Ministry of Health (MOH) announced that all of Singapore will be blocking entry or transit for all visitors with recent travel history to Italy, France, Spain, and Germany.

These new measures will take place starting Sunday (15 Mar), 11.59pm.

Returning visitors with recent travel history to be issued 14-days Stay Home Notice

According to Health Minister Gan Kim Yong, the measures were introduced following a surge in imported cases from Europe,

Over the past 10 days alone, there have been 23 imported cases, or nearly a third of all new cases.

Singapore citizens, permanent residents, and long-term pass holders who visited Italy, France, Spain or Germany in the last 14 days will be served Stay-Home Notices.

All visitors with recent travel history to the above countries will not be allowed to enter or transit.

All visitors with fever or respiratory symptoms will also receive 14-day Stay Home Notice

In addition to the latest restriction on travellers, there will also be more stringent checks on visitors entering Singapore.

With immediate effect, all visitors regardless of travel history will be issued a 14-day Stay-Home Notice should they have a fever, or other respiratory symptoms.

They will also be tested for Covid-19, and even if they test negative, would be required to stay home.

This, according to National Development Minister Lawrence Wong, is to safeguard Singapore from Covid-19 patients in the incubation stage.

Hope it will help curb spread of Covid-19

While the new suite of measures implemented will likely bring about more inconvenience for Singaporeans and other visitors, we have faith that it will prove effective in curbing the spread of Covid-19.

After all, inconveniences are mostly short-term, but the consequences of wrong decision-making can be much longer-term and far more severe.

Featured image adapted from AFP. 

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