Vaccinated Covid-19 Cases Will Go To Community Care Facilities Instead Of Hospitals

Vaccinated Cases Aged Between 17 & 59 Will Be Sent To Community Care Facilities

Although Singapore is still grappling with a high number of daily cases, authorities are looking forward to transitioning towards treating Covid-19 as endemic.

Speaking in parliament on Monday (26 Jul), Health Minister Ong Ye Kung said that moving forward, more vaccinated people will be admitted to community care facilities instead of going to hospitals.

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They will also be discharged sooner – just after 14 days – instead of the current 21 days.

Up to 60% of cases to recover in community facilities

On Monday (26 Jul), Health Minister Ong Ye Kung shared that as Covid-19 becomes endemic, it would not be unusual to have 200 cases or more a day.

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With this, Singapore’s health protocols must be remodelled.

For a start, Minister Ong said more vaccinated Covid-19 cases will be sent straight to community care facilities such as D’resorts @ Downtown East and Civil Service Club @ Loyang instead of hospitals.


Since last week, this included those aged between 17 and 59. Previously, this arrangement was only for those aged between 17 and 45.

The change will mean that up to 60% of infected cases are expected to recover in community care facilities.

Moving forward, the Government is planning to increase this to about 80%. Some can even recover at home instead.

Shorter stays in hospitals & community facilities

Minister Ong said the length of stay in hospitals and community facilities for vaccinated people would also be shortened to 14 days with 7 days of leave of absence.

This will be possible as long as they test negative for Covid-19 and have low viral loads.

Minister Ong shared that this is because the viral load found in fully vaccinated people falls very low just after 9 days.

The duration of stay was previously 21 days. Authorities will continue to review this duration to see if it could be pushed even earlier.

Greater use of home quarantines

To limit the disruption to the lives of Singaporeans, there will also be greater use of home quarantines instead of at a government facility.

Minister Ong said as long as their homes are suitable, fully vaccinated individuals can serve their quarantines at home.

He added that up to 40% of quarantined individuals are expected to serve their quarantine from home.

In the coming weeks, as more are vaccinated, this number will increase to about 50%.

This, however, can only be possible if more are vaccinated and the likelihood of life-threatening Covid-19 infections is lowered.

Crucial to increase vaccination rates

If Covid-19 is indeed an endemic, Minister Ong shared that current healthcare protocols will need to shift closer to how we treat influenza today, sans contact tracing and quarantine.

As authorities make preparations to open up safely, it is crucial that we increase our vaccination rates.

So, if you or your loved ones have yet to get vaccinated, do urge them to book their appointments soon.

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