VIV Associates Offers A Programme That Helps Manage Your Debts & Finances

After years of working and supporting your family, you’d probably know by now that money management goes beyond your income, CPF, and other savings.

From personal loans to credit cards, financing your future may involve taking big loans that lead to debts.

Despite how scary that may sound, those who’ve planned their finances well should be able to settle their debts in due time. If you think you need help in that department, look no further than VIV Associates.

Through a government-assisted programme, VIV Associates provides personalised advice to help you manage debts without compromising the money you need for essential expenses.

Get solutions for high-interest debts & loans

The perks of having a credit card in the era of online shopping are aplenty but the convenience comes with some costs too.

You may be relieved to get that new bed you sorely need or gadgets for your WFH setup. However, when your credit card bills arrive, that feeling might go away.

While the minimum payment is largely manageable, there’s still the outstanding balance you’ll have to worry about.

Carry that amount forward along with the interest, and you may be looking at several thousand dollars worth of debt.

Instead of tightening your belt and changing your lifestyle drastically, you can pay your creditors back while still affording essentials for the family.

To figure out how to do that, VIV Associates will help you find solutions via an affordable debt repayment programme.

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Since such tasks often involve tonnes of paperwork, their Client Relations Assistant (CRA) will handle admin matters for you too.

With the nitty-gritty out of the way, you can then focus on repaying your loans while carrying on with your daily affairs, as VIV Associates guides you from the moment you engage their services until you are debt-free.

Manage debts efficiently while affording daily expenses

Someone who can attest to VIV Associates’ effectiveness is Mdm Koh Hong Keng, who had accumulated $75,000 in credit card debts due to her late mother’s medical bills.

Unable to make the monthly repayment of $1,200, Mdm Koh started receiving legal letters and calls from her creditors, demanding payment.

At her wits’ end, Mdm Koh’s search for a solution to her problems led her to Mr Mamat Suali.

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After he explained the mechanics of the Debt Repayment Programme which only required Mdm Koh to pay according to her income and expenses, she took it up.

Thanks to the programme, Mdm Koh ended up having to repay only $350/month over 57 months instead of the $1,200 monthly.

Having to fork out a significantly smaller monthly repayment and being able to clear her debts progressively, Mdm Koh can not only afford daily necessities but also pamper her grandchildren by fulfilling their wants.

Settle your loans without restrictions

Besides helping you draft a workable plan to repay your debts, the programme also protects you from legal action creditors may attempt to take.

No matter how dire your situation may get, you won’t have to worry about travel restrictions as those won’t be imposed on you. That’s one less concern you’ll have on your mind.

Without these added concerns weighing you down, settling your loans will be a more hassle-free experience.

To understand better how this programme can benefit you, simply fill in the form on VIV Associates’ website.

A Debt Restructuring Associate (DRA) will then give you a call within a day for a complimentary consultation. Their client services have apparently earned 5-star reviews on Google, so you know you’ll be in good hands.

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Don’t let your debts hold you back

Sharing our financial struggles with others may be a nerve-wracking thought, but we shouldn’t be afraid to take that step to get help.

After all, our details will remain private and confidential, so nobody else will know.

Since stable finances are important to sustain yourself and your family in the long run, any form of help in managing them will surely be invaluable.

Ultimately, clearing any debt at a pace that’s comfortable for you will help you fully live the life you envisioned with your loved ones.

Disclaimer: This article is not intended to be and does not constitute financial or debt-restructuring advice.

This post was brought to you in collaboration with VIV Associates.

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