Workers’ Party Heads To Ubin, Terence Tan Cycles Around Island For Campaign Trail

As Polling Day draws ever closer, each candidate has been hard at work on their walkabouts & efforts at reaching out to residents.


Workers’ Party East Coast candidate Mr Terence Tan decided to hitch a ride to Pulau Ubin to continue his campaign — on a bicycle.


Here’s how his team’s interactions with the citizens went, as part of his East Coast campaign trail detailed in a Facebook post on Tuesday (7 Jul).

38 residents on Pulau Ubin as of 2012

With only 38 residents as of 2012, the island is a tiny fraction of the East Coast Group Representative Constituency (GRC) of 121,772 voters.


On what he felt about his cycling trip, Mr Tan shared that he “very much enjoyed visiting residents there” and hoped to meet them again soon.


Making residents feel like part of the GRC too

With fewer residents residing on our tiny island’s island, a commenter on Mr Tan’s Facebook post shared how “easy it is to dismiss Pulau Ubin” due to the “limited resources”.


This OP gave kudos to Mr Tan’s team for reaching out.


The netizen went on to praise the team’s effort in connecting with Ubin’s residents amidst their busy campaign schedules.


Cheekier residents asked him if the trip reminded Mr Tan of his prior Tekong experiences.

Ubin is part of East Coast GRC too

Before this, a netizen was purportedly joking about which GRC Pulau Ubin even belongs to, sharing that it would be “quite fascinating” to see GE2020 candidates visit.


Finally, this resident of East Coast said that he didn’t even know Ubin was part of his GRC.


Now that the mystery has been solved, we’re sure everyone’s equally excited for Polling Day on Friday (10 Jul).

Mr Giam visited Pulau Ubin during GE2011

After doing a quick search of past GE candidates who’ve paid a visit to Pulau Ubin previously, it seems Mr Gerald Giam had also turned up during GE2011 for a visit.

In Mr Giam’s own words, posted in this reflection, he shared,

After all, every resident counts.

All Singaporeans regardless of GRCs

This visit was a timely reminder that we’re all Singaporeans too, regardless of where our GRCs and SMCs are demarcated.

East Coast candidate Mr Tan’s efforts to reach out to residents of Pulau Ubin – no matter how small – definitely seems to have brightened their morning.

We wish both the Workers’ Party and People’s Action Party the very best in their endeavours to contest for East Coast GRC — as we head to the polls in just 2 days.

Featured image adapted from Facebook.