123 Mart Is A Secret Clementi Minimart With $1, $2 & $3 Grocery Lobangs For The Fam

123 Mart Has $1 Tofu & Frozen Fries In Opening Sale At Clementi

When going grocery shopping for the fam, the bill can easily rack up to a near 3-figure sum. That’s why lobangs are so precious, because every dollar counts, especially in such uncertain times.

For those living in Clementi, you might want to give mum and ah ma a heads-up that a minimart has popped up in the neighbourhood, proffering grocery deals of $1, $2, and $3.

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With family favourites such as tofu going for $1, fishball with fish roe for $2, and dim sum delicacies for $3, you can say that 123 Mart truly lives up to their name.

Image courtesy of 123 Mart

Bargain hunters in the west may wonder why they haven’t heard of the place before. Well, that’s because the minimart just opened last month.

Here’s why westies should make a trip there soon, especially if you have Chinese New Year steamboat seshs to prep for.

123 Mart has fridge & freezer staples from $1

When it comes to prepping fancy feasts at home, mums can surely relate with wanting to balance between cooking up a storm and being economical.

At 123 Mart, they can let their grocery baskets overflow as most of the items there, especially frozen and chilled food, come in only 3 tiers of pricing — $1, $2, and $3.

For example, packets of frozen crinkle cut fries and shoestring fries cost only $1 each.

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You’ll never run out of finger food when it’s time for movie night with the fam.

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Protein is important for the body to stay healthy, so load up on some pressed tofu at just $1.

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Even if you’re not having steamboats, they make wonderful soup ingredients for a post-festive diet when you’re trying to assuage self-guilt by eating clean.

$2 steamboat essentials for CNY

Steamboat or yong tau foo are heaven-sent especially on rainy days. When a thunderstorm is raging outside, you need not make the trip to an eatery to satisfy your cravings.

Stock some BBQ chikuwa and fishballs in your fridge, and you can have your own comforting hotpot at home. Just don’t forget your soup bases like mala and tomato, which you can easily find on supermarket shelves.

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With ingredients on sale for $2, your steamboat shopping spree might leave you with extra fishballs, which you can always keep handy for future rainy days in.

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You can also have some fried snacks on the side, as frozen wedges and battered onion rings are going for the same price.

Image courtesy of 123 Mart

Image courtesy of 123 Mart

Some crispy fast food will make the perfect rewards for kiddos if they’re well-behaved during family meals.

Dim sum delights at $3

Booking a table at a famous dim sum place can be a difficult task because of insanely long queues. By the time it’s your turn, your SO might be feeling a little hangry ‘cause it’s been 40 minutes.

Instead of hustling with crowds, please them right away by cooking something up at home. You can cop packets of siew mai and har kao at $3 each for a Netflix-and-chill kinda night.

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You wouldn’t need to worry about what to wear on the date when both of you can lounge around in comfy home clothes while steaming dumplings together in the kitchen.

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If your SO is a bao lover and can’t say no to flowy salted egg lava, grab these charcoal salted egg custard buns.

Image courtesy of 123 Mart

They’d be shiok to eat as a teatime delight before your home-cooked dim sum dinner.

Hunt down 123 Mart in Clementi

123 Mart is tucked away in a cosy neighbourhood near Clementi MRT, offering a variety of groceries in compact packaging. Small families will find this ideal, including singles or couples cooking for 1 or 2.

Here’s what you need to know to get there.

123 Mart
Address: Block 354 Clementi Ave 2 #01-233, Singapore 120354
Opening Hours: 9am-10pm
Nearest MRT: Clementi Station
Contact: Website, Facebook, Instagram

If the thought of journeying to the West seems too difficult, this minimart has got you covered.

They are offering next-day delivery service, so you can save on transport fare and more importantly, precious commuting time. You just have to select a delivery date on the website during checkout.

Delivery is free if you spend above $30.

Minimarts deserve a special place in our hearts

Even though larger supermarkets have become our go-to grocery sources, smol-er marts like 123 Mart prove that size doesn’t matter.

The wide variety of products at affordable prices reminds us that hidden gems like this deserve a place in our hearts.

Now that times are tough, getting super cheap groceries is definitely a huge plus. Couples can whip up good food in their new BTO kitchen instead of always stressing over paktor places to eat at.

And more importantly, you can keep everyone at home happy with a well-stocked fridge.

This post was brought to you in collaboration with 123 Mart.

Featured image courtesy of 123 Mart.

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