Singapore’s Tinder Swindler Allegedly 4-Timed Partners In 2022, Women Speak Up To Seek Closure

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Infamous 5-Timer Ashry Owyong Min Returns With New Name, Kylen Ryker

In 2017, the name Ashry Owyong Min was splashed across headlines. A woman he dated revealed he was five-timing her in a lengthy exposé on Dayre, marking the man as a subject of public pillorying.

The storm then blew over, as with most online controversies. But five years later, it seems that another scandal is brewing.

On Friday (20 May), two women gave MS News a tip-off, sharing their month-long involvement with the man and the realisation that they were just one girl among the 16 embroiled in love affairs with him in the past year.

They showed us his photo, and we quickly recognised him as the same Ashry from five years ago.

But the difference is, he goes by Kylen Ryker now.

ashry owyong

Image courtesy of Ms B

Here’s what we’ve managed to uncover based on interviews with the women ready to tell their story — all in the hopes of seeking closure and getting him to turn over a new leaf.

Both women met Kylen on Bumble

Let’s get the main players and timeline straight before we unravel this complex story.

  1. Ms A – matched with Kylen on Bumble around end-April
  2. Ms B – met Kylen on Bumble around end-March
  3. Ms C – an apartment owner
  4. Ms T – Kylen’s so-called “psycho ex-girlfriend”
  5. A mysterious partner who left love bites on Kylen’s neck in late May

Ms B said he introduced himself as a commercial diver, an occupation she was intrigued by as she had never heard of it before.

They met up for coffee at Raffles City. In the course of their relationship, she also suspected he may have done illegal things during their time together, but more on that later.

A month later, Ms A matched with Kylen, and said he invited her to come over to his place for breakfast. They had engaging conversations, but he said he wasn’t ready for a relationship yet as he had just broken up.

And so the double-timing began without either woman’s knowledge, but it’s important to share that part of the reason why the lies were unravelled eventually, was due to this plot twist – two of the women he dated simultaneously were secondary school friends.

Kylen finds out that Ms A & B know each other

In retrospect, Ms A & Ms B narrowed down the realisation to a specific incident – involving, of all things, homemade bagels.

On 5 May, Kylen had sent Ms A pictures of a pair of bagels, hoping to entice her to come over for breakfast. However, those bagels were actually made with Ms B when she was over at the apartment on the morning of 4 May.

Image courtesy of Ms A

Ms B, as with many who are in relationships, posted pictures of the bagel on her Instagram story, which Ms A saw.

Image courtesy of Ms A

Seeing this, Ms A confronted Kylen about the bagels, to which he said he made them on his own about a week ago. Unperturbed by this lie, Ms A asked about his relationship with Ms B while also explaining her own friendship with her.

In fact, they were actually planning to finally meet up again after years apart.

Kylen said he knew her as they “worked out together” but then quickly drew the line between himself and Ms A, now that he knew that they both were acquainted.

He then said he was “not gonna do anything to her”, to “stick as friends” and that it was “too dangerous” since he didn’t want both girls to become awkward with one another.

Image courtesy of Ms A

Ms A then told Kylen as long as there wasn’t anything “serious” between him and Ms B, she was cool with their relationship.

And even if Kylen wanted to remain friends, Ms A would reluctantly agree although she enjoyed his company.

Kylen then shared that Ms B had expressed her feelings for him but he considered his relationship with her as one of a “little sister”.

Image courtesy of Ms A

At this point, Ms B was totally unaware that Ms A was in the picture, let alone going on multiple dates – including a trip to Johor Bahru and one at an arcade.

Would instruct girls to hide in the backseat when driving into the residence

While their meet-ups were pleasant at first, several incidents gave rise to early dating red flags.

Of note was Kylen’s instructions for the women to hide in the backseat when driving into his supposed place of residence.

According to Ms A and B, they both spent numerous nights at the apartment, often ending their encounters with Netflix movies and welcoming their mornings with Kylen’s homecooked breakfasts.

Ms B shared that she was instructed to conceal herself. The odd request was purportedly due to his “psycho ex-girlfriend” being chummy with the security guard and they would exchange information regarding his ins and outs.

According to Ms B, Kylen claimed that his “psycho ex-girlfriend” had his passwords, credit card details, bank pin numbers and access to his Instagram account.

To protect any girl that came after her, Kylen would dissuade anyone from following his social media accounts in fear that his ex-girlfriend would come knocking on their door.

The facade started to crumble when Ms A drove to the apartment on 7 May.

When asked about possibly parking within the residences, Kylen told Ms A that someone would text her about her visit and asked her to lie that she was visiting the neighbouring unit instead.

Confused but not thinking much about it, she complied and sure enough, a WhatsApp message arrived with someone asking about her visit.

Image courtesy of Ms A

She duly lied and apologies were exchanged. She’d later find out that what she believed was his apartment, was in fact someone else’s – aka Ms C, who’s withdrawn her testimony at the time of writing.

Travels to KL with Ms B, but tells Ms A his friends are tagging along

In mid-May, Kylen travelled to Kuala Lumpur for a short getaway with Ms B.

During this time, he told Ms A that he was making the trip with Ms B and his friends, comprising some of his ‘gym friends’, as well as several airline cabin crew members and their partners.

“Don’t worry, it will be a short one. I’ll be back on Sunday, and will meet my mum. Will see you next week,” Ms A related his words to her.

But in actuality, it was a couple’s trip for Kylen and Ms B.

During this time, Kylen was apparently still updating Ms A throughout the trip. She shared that she suspects he was texting her when Ms B was in the shower.

ashry owyong

Image courtesy of Ms A

Kylen opens up about his past, but Ms A notices sus details

The long weekend passed and soon enough, Kylen returned to Singapore with Ms B on 15 May but went AWOL for a while.

Sensing something was amiss, Ms A suspected that Kylen was getting close to Ms B despite being fed the lie that he was on the trip with his friends too.

She asked him if he had feelings for Ms B, to which he admitted, yes, “a bit”.

Ms A felt unnerved by the confession. She then went over to his apartment with the intention to end things.

What was supposed to be a clarification-seeking conversation turned out to be a mind-blowing revelation of his past. Kylen bravely dug up his inactive Instagram account and opened up about his life as Ashry Owyong Min.

ashry owyong

Source: Dayre

“I’m not as good as you think I am”, he confessed, while claiming that people had asked him to kill himself five years ago when his debauchery made headlines, even internationally.

She assured him that he deserved a second chance and appreciated their emotional connection. In return, he told her that he had never stayed up this late to open up about his past, not even with his exes.

Kylen added that Ms B was just a friend to him now, and he was going to tell her the next day.

Despite the honest conversation that lasted till sunrise, subsequent findings continued to unsettle Ms A — for instance, when he was making food, she noticed two love bites on his neck.

Kylen decides to date Ms B instead

The next day, on 17 May, Kylen was supposed to tell Ms B the truth and call their relationship off in the name of being honest with Ms A.

However, after the supposed conversation happened, Ms A received a text from Kylen, saying that they needed to talk.

They met up the following day. Ms A decided to confront him about the two obvious love bites on his neck as well. He claimed that she was responsible for them, but Ms A refuted that it wasn’t her. She later verified that it wasn’t Ms B as well.

What came after was another surprising statement,

I’m sorry, Ms A. I’m going to go out with Ms B.

The reason given was that the KL trip made him realise his feelings for Ms B. So they ended things at Ya Kun in Clarke Quay.

In his words, as shared by Ms A, “I have feelings for you, but you were right on Monday. I can’t two-time the both of you. I have to choose, and I know Ms B longer. And it’s just gonna be weird.”

He hoped that if Ms A were to meet Ms B, she would help him lie that they matched around early April before he had matched with Ms B — when in fact, they had been talking since end-March.

ashry owyong

Image courtesy of Ms A

At this point, Ms A was left with more questions and decided it was only right for her to warn others about Kylen’s ways. So she proceeded to meet with Ms B, wanting to wish her all the best if Kylen had indeed chosen her.

Ms A & Ms B uncover shocking details together

Since they had scheduled a meet-up anyway – Ms A and Ms B met up at a restaurant in Clarke Quay.

As they went over the details, Ms A and Ms B realised there had been signs of the two-timing, and possibly triple-timing, from the start.

Ms B recalled spotting some artwork at his house — an acrylic painting, signed off with a female name. Kylen had said it was given to him by a friend.

That same name was on his 7-year-old Macbook and Spotify account. Oddly enough, it seemed like the same name followed him wherever he went, but when he was asked who it was, he replied she was “just a friend”.

Ms A also shared that when she visited, she was told to specify the wrong unit number when she was checking in at the guard house to avoid his “psycho ex”.

Image courtesy of Ms A

Both women, after verification with Ms C, realised to their horror that the apartment which they had stayed over in – wasn’t Kylen’s place as he had claimed – but in fact, belonged to her.

To her knowledge, she and Kylen were seeing each other, but she hadn’t been using the house.

At this point, the total number of girls that Kylen had allegedly been involved with simultaneously, was now three.

Uncovering Kylen’s alleged “psycho ex”

It was now 2am at Clarke Quay, and both Ms A and Ms B were still there, trying to unpack the details and inconsistencies in their relationships with Kylen.

Both girls decided to investigate this further to see if they could reach out to other potential victims who were possibly played in a similar fashion. They decided to contact Kylen’s “psycho ex” to clarify her side of the story.

After doing some sleuthing, they reached out to the woman, identified as Ms T, via an IG handle that Ms B saw in an IG story he showed her once on his deactivated account.

To their horror, Ms T replied and said they were probably “the 16th person” to have reached out to her in the past year.

Image courtesy of Ms A

“I suppose you swiped him on Bumble. He still owes me money,” she wrote.

ashry owyong

Ms B’s conversation with Ms T. Image courtesy of Ms B.

Ms T added that when she was still in a relationship with him, five other girls reached out to her on Instagram and they met up.

Image courtesy of Ms A

Finally, Ms T alleges Kylen texted her to say that he missed her two days ago on 17 May — the day he was supposed to tell Ms B to remain as friends.

This revelation brought the total number of partners Kylen was actively associated with, up to 4.

Potentially serious allegations involving authorities

Over the course of both relationships, Ms A and Ms B have expressed concerns over certain actions that Kylen allegedly took:

  • Driving a black Mercedes without a licence*
    • Ms B discovered he had been driving in Singapore for a considerable amount of time without a driving licence.
    • Kylen told Ms B that he’s taking his driving test soon, but he’s previously been fined S$2,200 for a similar charge in 2018.
  • Flying to Vietnam despite two Covid-positive tests
    • Despite testing positive, Kylen allegedly faked his results in front of a televised ART by swabbing his outermost parts of the nostrils to present a negative test
  • Scalping Justin Bieber concert tickets to earn a quick buck
    • Ms B helped him queue for tickets while he was on a ‘work trip’, costing S$352 each, for Justin Bieber’s concert here in Singapore
    • To the best of her knowledge, none of the tickets were sold as he had listed them for S$1,000 each on a resale site

*Under Section 35 of the Road Traffic Act, those guilty of driving without a licence may face a fine not exceeding S$10,000 or imprisonment for a term not exceeding 3 years or both.

Kylen apologises profusely over text during MS News interview

During the interview with MS News, Ms A and Ms B were also receiving text messages from Kylen while it was ongoing.

Receipts seen by MS News – with consent from both ladies – showed that Kylen was apologetic and wanted to work on himself.

ashry owyong

Kylen’s texts to Ms A. Image courtesy of Ms A

Saying that he regretted taking people’s “kindness for weakness”, he apologised profusely and confessed he had feelings for both Ms A and Ms B, but didn’t have it in him to “basically 2-time someone at all”.

We find out from Ms A later that after the interview, all 3 ladies met up with Kylen to share that what he did to them was not okay, and would have lasting consequences for all involved.

MS News has reached out to Kylen – also known as Ashry Owyong – for a statement regarding the allegations and will update the article once he replies.

Victims want Kylen aka Ashry Owyong to change his ways for good

When asked to reflect on why they were attracted to Kylen, both brought up his “good looks”, but mostly, how earnest he was — the fact that he would be caring in the smallest of ways, which was a key factor in allowing them to develop sincere feelings for him.

They also acknowledged that like in any honeymoon phase of a relationship, it was easy to overlook conventional red flags in favour of all the good times they shared.

But at no point in time were the women aware of his involvement with others, which is understandably a dealbreaker.

Kylen has allegedly admitted culpability to both Ms A and Ms B in prior conversations, where he had cheated on Ms T, four to five times over the course of their relationship.

At this point, you may be wondering why Ms A and Ms B have decided to come forward with their stories and contact the media.

Although they had eventually found out about Kylen’s past, the news that so many other women were involved still shook them — as it alluded to the possibility that he had not changed his ways.

Sisters over misters, for both Ms A & Ms B

They’ve now bravely chosen to come forward with their experiences, not for Singapore to dox or cancel him, but in the hopes that it would help other women make a decision regarding him — for current or future relationships.

Most of all, for him to sincerely turn over a new leaf and take responsibility for actions they claim to have observed in the course of their relationship.

“If we don’t speak up, we’re worried other girls will fall for the same tricks. As much as I wanna believe he can redeem himself, I’m not hopeful that he will without us sharing our story.”

He had one chance when I asked, ‘Are you also seeing my friend Ms B?’ That was the moment he didn’t want to give up his old lifestyle – kickstarting the cycle of lies once again. There were so many opportunities, to tell the truth, and avoid this.

Ms A & Ms B are grateful that despite everything, they’ve leaned on each other to get through these trying times. They’re also thankful for the friendship between them that has lasted over the years.

“Who ask him to go swipe on me?! Must be fate sia,” Ms A quipped.

In front of us, as the interview drew to a close, they jokingly made a pact with each other in Starbucks,

Next time we go Genting together okay. Let’s do it right this time.

A leopard never changes its spots, but here’s to hoping

Meeting someone new in your life is both exciting and unpredictable. And when things go wrong, the hurt could propel some to take more drastic measures.

But one thing is clear — it was never about revenge or getting even for these two women.

Despite the shattered dreams of building a loving relationship with a man whom they cared for, the painful process of prying through what’s fact and fiction in their experiences with Kylen, has allowed both women to have epiphanies.

It’s been five years since Kylen was 24, and went through public scrutiny for his choices. In 2022, he’s repeated some of his habits and allegedly continues to juggle relationships with multiple partners. Despite the risks, they’re hopeful that by sharing their story, others will not have to go through what they did.

As for Kylen, they continue to believe in second chances. By speaking up, they hope it will bring them some semblance of closure and ultimately, get this leopard to successfully change his spots.

EDITOR’S NOTE: The names of all women in the story have been changed as they requested to remain anonymous.

If you know someone who may have gone through similar experiences, you can reach out to us at

Featured image courtesy of Ms A and Ms B.

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