Bichon Frise Allegedly Bites German Shepherd & Owner 

Dog owners have a responsibility not only to their canines but to society as well — especially if their pets have a penchant for aggression. 

However, for this owner of a Bichon Frise, her alleged indifference towards her dog’s apparently aggressive nature has caused much distress to her neighbour and the latter’s German Shepherd.


On one occasion, the Bichon reportedly attacked the German Shepherd owner so viciously that she suffered multiple injuries that required medical attention.


She claimed that her attempts to resolve the issue with the Animal Veterinary Service (AVS) and National Parks (NParks) were fruitless, driving her to take to Facebook to seek a stricter response from the authorities. 

You can read the post in full here.

Bichon Frise allegedly aggressive towards German Shepherd

In a Facebook post on 11 Aug, the German Shepherd owner shared her experience with her neighbour’s Bichon Frise. 

According to her, she had adopted her German Shepherd from the Singapore Police K-9 unit. A generally well-mannered and mellow dog, she never expected him to attract any negative attention.


To her horror, however, her neighbour’s Bichon Frise would seemingly display some antagonism towards her German Shepherd by barking at him whenever they walked past the neighbour’s house. She shared a video of one of the times when it happened. 

Bichon Frise owner denies claims of dog attacks

In each of the 4 occasions where the Bichon attacked, the woman shared that the side gate of the neighbour’s house was left open. The Bichon would then run out onto the street and charge directly towards the German Shepherd. 


Each time, the woman or her mother would have to intervene by picking the Bichon up and returning it home. 

And on each of these occasions, the owner of the Bichon would allegedly give a half-hearted apology and do nothing to ensure that the side gate was fully latched.


According to the OP, the Bichon owner also found it quite amusing that a small dog like hers could bully an adult German Shepherd, much to the former’s shock.

Woman bitten on forearm while stopping Bichon Frise attack

The OP also recounted a recent walk on 6 Aug, when she and her German Shepherd passed by her neighbour’s home.

They ignored the barking Bichon until they were 400 metres away from the house when the little dog allegedly appeared out of nowhere and attacked the pair.


The OP claimed that the Bichon was unleashed and entirely by itself. After charging at them, it apparently started biting the German Shepherd on his stomach, tail, genitals, and neck. 

The German Shepherd, which was wearing a muzzle required by the law, was unable to retaliate and merely used its paws in its attempts to stop the Bichon. 

When the OP grabbed the Bichon by its neck to intervene, it reportedly turned its attention to her forearm, which it started biting.

As the OP screamed in pain, 2 strangers came out of their houses to help. 

After some struggle, they managed to pull the Bichon off the woman and held onto it until she was a safe distance away. 

At this point, her arm was throbbing in pain, and all she wanted was to return home.

Bichon owner insists the woman’s injuries were from a fall

Upon reaching home, the OP informed her mother about what had transpired. The mother then called for the police and an ambulance. 

While waiting for paramedics to arrive, the owner of the Bichon came over to the house to learn about the incident. 

Allegedly claiming that she didn’t know that the side gate was open for her dog to run out, she then allegedly proceeded to take photos of the OP’s injuries even after her protests.

After doing that, she reportedly insisted that the injuries had resulted from a fall instead of a dog attack. She apparently repeated this point despite not having been there during the incident.

She added that a small dog like a Bichon could never inflict any harm on a human.

Doctor confirmed injuries to be from dog bite

When the authorities arrived, the woman had her injuries assessed by the paramedics. At the same time, the owner of the Bichon told the police her version of the story. 

Before leaving to get herself treated at Sengkang General Hospital, the OP spoke with the police and gave her testimony. 

She also claimed that the doctor who attended to her later confirmed that her injuries were from a dog bite, which was noted in her medical report. 

Her mother then sent over the same medical report, along with pictures of the injuries and a police report, to AVS and NParks. 

They had hoped that these would be sufficient evidence against the owner of the Bichon. Besides seeking punishments, they also wished for the Bichon to find a new home with a more responsible owner.

Officer proposed experiment to gauge Bichon Frise’s aggresiveness

On 10 Aug, an officer reportedly contacted the OP to propose an experiment to test the Bichon’s level of aggression.

It entailed having the German Shepherd walk in front of the neighbour’s house so they could gauge the Bichon’s reaction. Based on that, they would then determine if the latter was “truly aggressive”.

While the OP didn’t criticise this move, she wondered why the authorities had decided to implement it only at a later stage.

Unhappy with the process, she aired her opinions and sought clarifications on Facebook.

MS News has contacted AVS and NParks for comment regarding the incident and will update the article accordingly.

Manage your pets responsibly

Concluding the post, the OP emphasised that she did not blame the Bichon Frise for the alleged attacks. Instead, she criticised the owner for not managing her dog responsibly.

For that reason, she expressed her wish for the Bichon Frise to eventually be rehomed with a more responsible owner.

Since this account is currently from the German Shepherd’s owner only, we implore readers to withhold judgments for now.

But should her accounts be true, we hope that the authorities won’t hesitate to mete out the necessary punishments.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook.