Property Company’s Flyer Disguised As Summons Chit Criticised By Netizen, S’poreans Think It’s Creative

Property Company Flyer Disguised As Summons Chit Gives Recipient A Scare

As far as marketing gimmicks go, the real good ones will have us thinking about the product for a long time, while others will have us scratching our heads.

Recently, a marketing ploy by a property company in Singapore made waves online.

Disguised as a summons chit, the piece of paper advertised the company’s services and even complimented the recipient.

flyer summons chit

Source: Facebook

The wording of the ‘summons chit’ is extremely pleasant, contrary to the fines errant vehicle owners typically face.

Netizens were able to see the irony in the item and called the advertisement ‘creative’.

OP criticises summons chit gimmick by property company

On Saturday (10 June), someone posted about their experience on the Complaint Singapore Unrestricted Facebook page.

flyer summons chit

Source: Facebook

In the post, the OP called out a property company for a marketing gimmick which they thought was unseemly.

They described the flyer, which resembled a summons chit, as “very lame and not funny at all”. They then went on to explain their anger, saying, “No driver like[s] to see this kind of joke on their windscreen!”

The OP further dubbed the piece of paper a “cheap marketing gimmick” that will stick to vehicle windscreens in the event of rain.

Netizens applaud company’s creativity

Unlike the OP, other Facebook users managed to find a silver lining to the flyer, with most of them commending the property company.

One netizen noted how the gimmick did exactly what it intended to do.

Source: Facebook

Another quoted the age-old adage of “bad publicity is still publicity”. By complaining about the flyer, the OP is essentially marketing the company for free.

Source: Facebook

Despite finding humour in the incident, there were some who agreed that it might be the “wrong way to advertise”.

Source: Facebook

MS News has reached out to the company in question for comments. We’ll update the article when they get back.

Whichever side of the debate you’re on, it’s hard to deny that the company’s approach is quite creative. Whether it flouts any rules is for the authorities to decide.

But one thing’s for sure — the OP and many others who’ve seen the post will probably be talking about this for a while.

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