16-Year-Old Boy Charged With Criminal Intimidation After Standoff With Police In Ang Mo Kio

Police Chase Boy In Ang Mo Kio After Confrontation On Busy Road

UPDATE (10 June, 3.05pm): The man in question was identified as a 16-year-old boy who had allegedly threatened a man with a knife. He was charged in court today (10 June) with criminal intimidation.

We don’t often get to see a glimpse of the Singapore Police Force (SPF) in action.

However, late last night (9 June), a man in Ang Mo Kio (AMK) gave residents in the area a free show after his antics got several police officers chasing after him.

A video uploaded onto TikTok showed him arguing with police officers while standing in the middle of a fairly busy road.

police chase ang mo kio

Source: @ah.thatsabus on TikTok

After a minute of futile conversations and with reinforcements arriving on the scene, the man made a run for it.

He bolted into oncoming traffic as police officers took off after him.

Man argues with police & holds up traffic on Ang Mo Kio road

The nearly three-minute-long clip of the standoff, which garnered over 300,000 views, came with a caption saying, “Was about to [switch] on my show while eating but this is better”.


“Why would a crimal run just to get caught again” … proceeds to run #singaporetiktok #fypsg

♬ original sound – Ah.ThatsABus – Ah.ThatsABus

Indeed, the situation seemed intense from the beginning, as the video started with the man backpedalling while seven police officers slowly walked towards him in the middle of a road in AMK.

police chase ang mo kio

Source: @ah.thatsabus on TikTok

The man was audibly frustrated,  shouting and gesturing aggressively as officers tried to calm him down.

police chase ang mo kio

Source: @ah.thatsabus on TikTok

Although unintelligible, the OP wrote in the caption that the man mentioned something along the lines of, “Why would a criminal run just to get caught again”.

Police give chase after man sprints off

His antics held up traffic along that stretch of road in AMK, as footage showed vehicles approaching the scene coming to a stop.

police chase ang mo kio

Source: @ah.thatsabus on TikTok

In the distance, flashing emergency lights from reinforcement vehicles indicated that more help was coming.

The confrontation appeared to go on for a minute or so, without any resolution in sight as both parties remained far apart.

Seemingly at an impasse, the police officers began to creep forward, prompting the man to look around till he saw a police vehicle pulling up close to him.

Source: @ah.thatsabus on TikTok

Perhaps fearing that he would get surrounded, he glanced over his shoulders quickly before sprinting across a nearby junction.

Source: @ah.thatsabus on TikTok

The man ran into oncoming traffic, likely in hopes that the police wouldn’t follow him.

The video ended with him seemingly running into the distance, leaving the police officers behind.

Police arrest 16-year-old suspect

But his attempt at escaping was in vain. Another video showed the police catching up and arresting him that same night.


sekedar ambil vedeo aja ketika saya balik kerja malam kira2 pkl 10 lebih <*>tak tau apa yg terjadi tiba2 dengar suara bising Dan banyak police tangkap orang>**>

♬ original sound – NR – NR

According to 8world News, the ‘man’ in question is actually a 16-year-old boy who allegedly threatened another man with a knife at Block 427 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3. The incident happened at about 10.30pm on Friday (9 June) night.

He faced charges for criminal intimidation in court today (10 June).

The boy is currently in remand for psychological assessment. The court will reconvene for his case on 23 June.

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Featured image adapted from @ah.thatsabus on TikTok and @nurulsafaah888 on TikTok.

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