AutoBahn Motors Introduces Car Vending Machine

Vending machines are everywhere in Singapore. Most dispense drinks or snacks, but there are some that allow people to buy stuff like polaroid films as well.

Now, thanks to German Automobile mammoths, AutoBahn, you can add luxury cars to the list of items you can buy from a vending machine. 

Just take a look at it in this awesome video posted on Facebook by Senatus, a lifestyle company, of the new building on Jalan Kilang, which is off Jalan Bukit Merah:

The Future

Purposed with maximising both parking space and innovation, the building has 60 slots for cars and an interactive panel.

Customers can just choose which car they would like to view, and it will automatically come to them within 2 minutes!


Not The First, but The Biggest

This concept is not unheard of, as companies like the United States-based Carvana have been using these vending machines in The States.

However, Singapore’s car vending machine is the tallest in the world, according to Fortune — it stands at an astounding height of 15 storeys!

Expensive Cars

AutoBahn features big names in the showroom too, boasting an impressive lineup of Bentleys, Lamborghinis and Ferraris.

Just look at these cars — they’re as sexy as it gets.




The cherry on top is that you can actually even purchase the car of your dreams right at the showroom!

Surprising But Still Impressive

However, it is quite surprising that AutoBahn has decided to invest so much money into this extravagant structure, especially since the luxury car industry does not seem to be doing so well.

Just recently, Hong Seh trading quit as distributors for Maserati, saying that selling them was no longer profitable for the company.

Nevertheless, this move has definitely gained international recognition for Singapore, as prestigious magazines like TechCrunch and Fortune have covered the story.

Well, looks like we have AutoBahn to thank for helping Singapore gain a stronger footing in the international automobile scene.


Featured image adapted from Facebook