You Can Buy Covid-19 Self-Test Kits At Guardian, Watsons & Unity Pharmacies From 16...

They'll be available at more locations progressively.

Cruise Ships House Migrant Workers Recovered From Covid-19, They Have Twin Rooms With Toilets

The SuperStar Gemini and SuperStar Aquarius have been repurposed.

Monkey Snatches Woman’s Bag In Punggol, Finds Tin Of Sweets After Unzipping It

Just some monkey business in a tree.

9 Singaporean Ministers And Their Completely Plausible Alternate Career Paths

What would the Ministers do if they weren't Ministers? We see them on the TV, we read about them and they lead us. But have we ever wondered what they could have been if they weren't our leaders? MustShareNews take a look at what 9 Ministers could be if they weren't Ministers. 1....

35 New Covid-19 Cases In S’pore On 30 Mar, Bar In Circular Road Is...

The number of imported cases went down to just 9.

11 WP Quotes That Explain Opposition Stances In Debate On President’s Address

WP members make education, economy, diversity, and law their focus in 13th Parliament The speeches made by two veteran MPs and two new NCMPs made clear WP's stance on national issues. Here are some choice quotes from their speeches -- the full length versions of their respective speeches can be found...

8 Desmond Lim Facts As He Braves Haters To Run In His 5th GE...

The living embodiment of determination and grit.

Man Refunds Expired EZ-Link Card After 2 Years, Claims He Lost $16 Balance To...

Check if your older EZ-Link cards are expiring ASAP.


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