8 Reasons Going To IconSiam Is Like Visiting All Of Bangkok In One Mall

IconSiam, Bangkok’s Massive Waterfront Megamall Now Open

Are you ready for some Crazy Rich Asian-level opulence and a brand new shopping mecca along the river?

If you’re visiting Bangkok soon, don’t miss IconSiam — Thailand’s biggest and fanciest shopping mall which has just opened along the Chao Phraya River on 12 Nov.

The 54 billion baht (S$2.28 billion) commercial complex offers glamorous retail stores and attractions. And at 525,000 square metres, it’s about 90 times as big as a football field!

That’s a massive upgrade from the usual night markets and shopping malls you’re used to.

From indoor floating markets, to large fountains shows & a massive Takashimaya outlet, here’s a sneak peek at what you – and your wallet – can look forward to.

1. Massive 7-storey Takashimaya

We all know Takashimaya is the go-to store for retail therapy.

It has a vast collection of fashion stores, enrichment centres, beauty salons, restaurants, fitness clubs & more! And at IconSiam, it’s a bigger and better home of more than 500 brands!


If you want an authentic Japanese shopping experience, you’ll find 180 Japanese brands, fan-favourite Cosme included.

The beauty mega-chain is expected to offer 5,000 products from 600 Japanese brands, basically a Japanese-version of Sephora. So, if you love all-things beauty, then don’t miss this!


One entire floor will be home to the Hokkaido Dosanko Plaza, a local specialty shop which stocks fresh produce, sweets and delicacies.


If you want to take a break from some serious shopping, then chill with this Yubari melon soft serve that they’re extremely famous for.


2. Indoor floating market

Thailand is famous for their floating markets featuring boats with friendly vendors selling a ton of fresh food and goods.

IconSiam ups the ante with a floating market — indoors.

Think The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, but with friendly vendors hawking their wares in colourful sampans.


Its architecture and designs are a homage to Thai arts and culture, which makes the experience more exciting and meaningful.

You can find also local crafts, regional specialties, food and beverages here at Sook Siam’s mini floating market.

3. World class museum

If you thought that a mall was the last place you’ll learn about a country’s culture and heritage — think again.

IconSiam’s National Heritage Gallery features valuable antiques and artifacts. You can marvel at the hundreds of statues, paintings, carvings, and chandelier inspired by the shape of woven garlands.


If you’re craving for an international experience, visit the Temporary Exhibition Gallery. It will feature masterpieces of renowned artists from around the world, and be the venue for art-related activities and world-class museums.

4. All the luxury brands your credit card can afford

ICONLUXE is a Crazy Rich Asian’s dream.

The globally iconic store is home to world-class brands in categories, including fashion, jewelry and timepieces. Just take a look at these massive chandeliers and retail havens:



Want to buy the latest iPhone? Visit Thailand’s first Apple store.


Looking for a personalized and design-savvy footwear? You can find a mix of footwear and apparel at the first Nike Kicks Lounge in Southeast Asia.

What makes this special is that you can get retail services such as garment tailoring, customized tees, hoodies and sports bras, and custom printing of Nike’s original designs and logos.


Other brands that are slated to open include H&M, H&M-owned fashion label Cos, Aland lifestyle concept store from Korea, JD Sports, and local accessories brand Naraya.

5. Fancy Japanese cuisine & decadent deserts

IconSiam is a foodie’s dream.

You’ll find popular destinations like Katsukara from Japan.

Famed for their well-friend and crispy Tonkatsu, soothing Miso soup, and copious amounts of sauce based on your preference — it’s a gastronomical experience unlike any other.


Have a passion for authentic Thai cuisine? Baan Khanitha The Heritage is set to open this November.

It offers refined Thai classics like the Goong Ayudhaya Pud Song Kruang, which is a stir-fried Ayudhaya giant prawn with chilli, roast chilli paste, ginkgo, cashe nut, and crispy hot basil.


We love that IconSiam isn’t just for High-SES foodies.

If you’re on a budget, there are more than 100 restaurants you can choose from like Black Summer Dessert Bar.

Their colorful and yummy Icyfrity will delight both your stomach and Instagram feed.


6. State-of-the-art auditorium

Want to watch a concert and a movie? Their 3-000 seat venue looks set to take your breath away.


The state-of-the-art auditorium boasts the latest projection and sound equipment.

We have no doubt that catching the latest Marvel movie in this cinema will change your theatre experience forever.

7. Dazzling musical fountain shows

Conclude your adventure with one of the largest fountain shows in Asia.

Step aside Fountain of Wealth at Suntec, you’ll definitely be amazed by their show’s stunning lights and special effects.


Not impressed by water shows?

At River Park, you can take a stroll, gaze at the riverside landscape and enjoy the dazzling lights.


You might also catch some national events and world-class performances here.

How do I get there?

Here’s how to get to IconSiam:


You can ride the BTS Gold Line connecting BTS Krung Thonburi to Taksin Hospital. The station’s names are pretty straightforward, so you can just exit at Icon Siam Station (G2).

What are you waiting for? Grab your passports & bring lots and lots of baht. Get more bang for your buck with these amazing opening day deals here.

There’s no better time to go on a Thai shopping spree with friends and family!

Only this time, there’s really only one mall you need to visit.

Featured image from IconSiam and Baan Khanitha The Heritage.

6 Durian Stalls In JB That Are Less Than An Hour’s Drive From Checkpoint

Durian Stalls In Johor Bahru (JB) That Are Close To Checkpoint

We get it, you love durians. You love them so much that you’ve made it your life mission – insofar as budget and leave days allow – to find the creamiest and cheapest durians around. Just kidding, who does that?


Malaysia inevitably falls into the custard crosshair.

To aid you on your magnanimous enterprise, we’ve compiled a list of the more notable durian stalls in Johor Bahru.

1. Ah Tong Durian Stall

Starting the list off, is Ah Tong Durian Stall. With a name like that, you can’t get anymore old school. This road-side durian stall sits just opposite KSL Shopping Mall, which means it won’t have to be a trip there just for durians.


Address: Jalan Serigala, Taman Century 80250 Johor Bahru
Telephone: +60 19-7473493
Time from checkpoint: 40 mins

2. Sentosa Supple Wholesale Everyday Fruit Trading Durian

The name of the stall is a mouthful. But who cares about the stall’s name when they’ve got durian lined up for you. Like most durian stalls in Malaysia, this one offers a durian buffet as well.


Address: 1, Jalan Sutera 1, Taman Sentosa, 80150 Johor Bahru
Telephone: +60 16-7893385
Time from checkpoint: 40 mins

3. Durian King

Claiming to be the king of the king of fruits is bold. Durian King is very popular among locals and even offers an all-you-can-eat for RM20. The store has been featured on the local papers before, so you can trust that its durians will be sedap.


Address: Katsura Garden, Jalan Sutera Danga, Taman Sutera Utama, 81300 Skudai, Johor
Telephone: +60 14-3315555
Time from checkpoint: 50 mins

4. Ah Shui Durian Stall

Ah Shui Durian Stall is right beside Durian King. So a reasonable plan would be to try a few durians from each and lay the verdict.

Address: Jalan Sutera Danga, Taman Sutera Utama, 81300 Skudai, Johor
Telephone: +60 16-704 2127
Time from checkpoint: 50 mins

5. Nusa Bestari Durian

Also in the vicinity of the previous 2 durian stalls mentioned is a smaller, tented one called Nusa Bestari Durian. Since you’re on a durian quest and in the area, there’s no harm paying a visit to this stall as well.


Address: 60, Jalan Jati 1, Taman Nusa Bestari Jaya, 81300 Skudai, Johor
Telephone: NIL
Time from checkpoint: 50 mins

6. The classic roadside durian stalls

There are tons of roadside durian stalls in Malaysia. Drive anywhere during the durian season and you’ll be sure to come across one every 15-20 minutes. Just make sure you ask to have a sample of their durians before buying any.


Address: Everywhere in Malaysia
Telephone: NIL
Time from checkpoint: 15 mins – ∞

That said, happy hunting for more durians across the border. But remember not to get too carried away, lest you return with a devilish sore throat.

For those who prefer a more high-class durian affair:

Genting Durian Festival Has 50 Tonnes Of Musang King, XO & Black Thorn Durians Till Sep 2019

Featured image from Facebook.

Queensway Shopping Centre May Close After 43 Years As En Bloc Sales Begin

Queensway Shopping Centre Begins En Bloc Sales

Sports enthusiasts would be familiar with Queensway Shopping Centre, a mall famous for shops selling a wide variety of sporting gear.

More than 20 sports shops there have seen generations of athletes passing through since the mall opened in 1976.


The impending closure of the iconic mall will surely put a heartbreaking end to its 43-year history.

En bloc sales have started

En bloc sales for Queensway Shopping Centre and the adjacent 78 apartments have started since 22 Apr, according to a report by Berita Mediacorp.

The news comes after a series of failed en bloc sales that started in July 2018, when the government tried to cool the market.


Residents and shop owners reportedly received news of the sales at an important meeting that happened the weekend before.

A special committee put together for the sales had convened the unprecedented meeting, but no information of the members are available.

Shop owners willing to sell their business

Though not all shop owners attended the meeting, some were still open to the idea of selling their businesses.

One of them who has been running a store there for the past 26 years claimed that business has declined in recent years due to the falling number of customers.

No more cheap sport apparels

Netizens who got wind of the news expressed disappointment at potentially losing their one-stop sports mall.


That the shops sell sportswear at lower prices than most other places in Singapore is common knowledge, so their impending closure will be felt by many.


Other stores that hold nostalgic value for regular visitors will also be sorely missed, like The Original Katong Laksa – Janggut Laksa and 328 Katong Laksa.


We’re not sure if any of the stores will be finding a new home, but we hope they do. That way, we can still hold on to some remnants of our past.

Featured image from Google Maps.

7 Reasons R&F Mall In Johor Bahru Is Basically City Square 2.0 For S’poreans

R&F Mall Is A 7-Min Walk From JB Customs

A lot of Singaporeans cross the Causeway to take a short vacation, visit a spa and enjoy tons of good food in Johor Bahru. It’s a lot easier to cross things off your wishlist when you have a favourable exchange rate.

If you’re thinking of crossing the border soon, stop by R&F mall. They announced their soft opening on Thursday (28 Mar) in an Facebook post.


iProperty confirmed that the mall is a 7-min walk from Johor Bahru CIQ (Customs, Immigrations and Quarantine Complex) and will be connected through a bridge.


From international outlets, IMAX & 4D cinemas to a massive branch of popular fast food chains, here’s a sneak peek at what you – and your wallet – can expect.

1. Hong Kong’s Emperor Cinemas

Emperor Cinemas is expected to make landfall in JB, as one of R&F Mall’s anchor tenants. They pride themselves in offering the ultimate movie experience in Hong Kong, and they’re far from the typical theatre too.

Expect cinema seats made of sumptuous leather and fully equipped with USB charging ports.


Those who want to watch Avengers: Endgame with good ‘ol popcorn will be happy to find a major upgrade in their movie snacks. They offer fully loaded Truffle Dogs, freshly-made gourmet Pork Burgers with tangy BBQ sauce and handmade cocktail creations.


2. Kiddomo Indoor Kids Playground

Singaporean parents who want to make sure your kids are having fun while you shop, do take note of Kiddomo Indoor Kids Playground.

The innovative playland lets kids learn and play through slides and interactive games.


It boasts of five-themed zones such as the Creation Zone, Discovery Zone, Interactive Zone, Adventure Zone, and Imagination Zone. They also have fun workshops like the Mini Cactus DYI workshop and Lava Lamp workshop which stimulates a kid’s love for arts and crafts.


3. Jaya Grocer

Though JB’s City Square Mall is massive, it does lack a proper supermarket. We’re hoping that this entry on the list will be a great alternative.

Jaya Grocer sells a wide variety of high-quality fresh produce, meat, new snacks, beverages, ingredients and Japanese snacks.


They’re rumoured to have a brand new concept for their first outlet in the JB Town Area. While we haven’t received the details yet, we’re excited to convert our SGD to Ringgit and planning ahead for a proper grocery haul.

4. Massive Carl’s Jr.

Carl’s Jr. is famous in the US for their juicy, thick and delicious charbroiled burgers. Though there are outlets in Singapore, meals can cost a hefty S$10-12 on average.


But with an outlet in JB, we can enjoy the same delectable burgers and large portions, at a third of the price. We’d recommend their best-selling item — The Most American Thickburger.

It surely lives up to its name since it’s made of Black Angus beef patty, split hot dogs, Lay’s potato chips, pickles, lettuce, tomato and ketchup — all crammed between buns.


5. Cafes, beverage shacks & bars

R&F Mall has an astounding lineup of cafes and beverages from around the world.

San Francisco Coffee is an American-styled specialty coffee chain that sells handcrafted caffeine concoctions.


They claim their skilled roasters can bring out the best from different beans, and we want to be the judge of that.


极渴 (Ji Ke) is a renowned beverage store from Kaohsiung, Taiwan. We loved Tiger Sugar BBT and are crazy about irresistibly sweet Thai Milk Tea, so we have a (very) good feeling about these mason jar teas.


We never thought sandwiches could taste crispy and fluffy ’till we came across freshly prepared treats from Liang Sandwich Bar. Fans of the Taiwanese King of Pop – Jay Chou – will definitely want to stop by.


6. Upcoming R&F Marina Place

R&F Marina Place – located beside R&F Mall – is set to open in 2019. We’re not sure why there’s a large lighted ‘Singapore’ sign in the background, but we’ll find out once it opens.


While it won’t open this March, we’re definitely excited about what’s coming.

The location is confirmed to include a commercial harbour, wine cellars, a 5-star luxury hotel, 4D theatre, yacht clubs and fine-dining restaurants.


The seascape views look marvelous too.

7. Upcoming 500-seater opera house

Lovers of orchestras, ballet, international concerts and theatre will be spoilt for choice with the new addition of Johor’s Opera House.

The Opera House will be part of the R&F Marina place which is slated to open in 2019.


We don’t have a lineup of the performances yet, but the building’s diamond-edged exterior is making us want to pack our bags and count the days.

Time to cross the border

With a favourable Ringgit exchange rate, we bet you’ll have loads of fun gallivanting across the Causeway to explore their numerous shops, groceries and cinemas.

R&F Mall is located directly opposite City Square Mall in Johor Bahru, in Tanjung Puteri.


We have yet to confirm if the restaurants and establishments will be open during the soft opening on 28 Mar, but there’s no harm in trying to sneak a peek.

Location: R&F Mall
Address: Tanjung Puteri, 80300 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia
Time: 10:00am to 10:00pm
Nearest Train Station: JB Sentral

If you know City Square Mall like the back of your hand since you’ve visited too many times, you can now jio your friends to explore R&F Mall for your next day trip across the Causeway.

Featured image from iProperty.

8 Haunted Places In S’pore Converted To Regular Spaces Because We’re Practical AF

Haunted Places In Singapore That Are Totally Normal Now

Singapore is a small country with pretty scarce land. However, we overcame the odds and became a successful – albeit tiny – nation.

To achieve this, many iconic locations in Singapore were rebuilt to make way for modern infrastructure. Some of these areas had a darker past than we realise.

Here are 8 haunted places that were converted into regular estates, because our practical government moves on from spooky rumours pretty quickly — also because we don’t have much land to spare in Singapore.

1. Pasir Ris Red House

Some of you may have heard of the Pasir Ris Red House.

An old and uninhabited house is sure to spawn some horror stories, which make the house eerier than it already looks.

Urban legends detail necessary rituals before entering the premises like bringing offerings for the stone lions guarding the entrance.

Soon, it became known as a haunted house by those who knew of its existence.


However, it actually has a very positive history.

It used to be a community centre that taught kampung kids basic skills and even providing them with free meals.

After the owner’s passing, it was turned into a preschool in 2014.


With children playing in a carefree manner around its vibrant school compound, the area seems to have lost all traces of the original haunted Red House.

2. Sentosa Island

Sentosa Island is one of the biggest attractions in Singapore. In a small area, it packs a casino, Universal Studios, and even multiple beaches.


However, it was nothing like its name – which signifies peace and tranquility – suggests.

The original name of Sentosa was “Pulau Blakang Mati” which can be loosely translated to the “Island of Death from Behind“.

The island was formerly used by the British as a strategic location for the defence of Singapore.


However, even before that, the island had a hill named “Blakang Mati” by Malay villagers living in that area.

It was only after World War II, when the Japanese used it as a Prisoner-Of-War (POW) camp, and one of the beaches for Operation Sook Ching did the name Pulau Blakang Mati came about.

Even today, there are reported sightings of ghostly soldiers at quieter spots on the island.

3. Neo Tiew Estate

There is a lesser-known public housing area in Lim Chu Kang known as the Neo Tiew Estate.

This area underwent en-bloc in 2002 and has been abandoned ever since.


The legend goes that a man forced a pontianak to do his bidding by sticking 7 nails into a banana tree.

After he became rich, he left the nails there, condemning the spirit to roam the grounds looking for its next victim to devour.


Though this sends chills down my spine, the Singapore government has managed to re-purpose the area into a Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) training ground.

After all, the dilapidated buildings provide soldiers with the perfect place to conduct urban warfare training.

Let’s just hope the training soldiers don’t encounter other types of enemies in the area.

4. Thomson Cemetery

Some of you living in the Thomson area may be wondering where this cemetery is.

You may be surprised that thousands of Singaporeans set foot on this area every day. That’s because Novena MRT currently sits on top of the cemetery.


The area was reportedly used as a burial site from 1904 to 1973 and was finally cleared in 1985 to construct Novena MRT station as we know it today.

MRT staff have reportedly seen coffin bearers along the tracks.

In fact, it is even said that the malls around the area like Velocity have all been built upon repurposed cemetery grounds.


The next time you are in the area, you may want to watch your step. You never know when you’re stepping on someone’s toes — literally and figuratively.

5. Matilda House

Once a grand bungalow with servant-quarters, the Matilda House – located in Punggol – was one of the oldest homes in Singapore.

It was originally built by Alexander Cashin for his wife and it was named Matilda, after his mother. However, in the early 2000s, the government acquired the land but left this house standing due to its conservation status.


Apparently, evil spirits have haunted the estate and would harm anyone who dares enter.

When the house was due for demolition, 3 workers allegedly died of unnatural causes. As such, the project was halted.

However, even ghosts couldn’t stop multi-millionaire property developer Kuik Ah Han and Sim Lian Group as they developed a condominium there in 2015 and made the former haunted house into a fun clubhouse.


6. Amber Beacon Tower

If you’ve ever climbed the stairs of the Amber Beacon Tower, you’d know that it was old. However, did you know it was once a crime scene where a brutal murder occurred?


A girl was allegedly killed by 2 men on 15 May 1990 and ever since then, there have been claims of a female figure sighted.

A group of paranormal investigators even tried to look into the case, and watching the video really makes the ends of my hairs stand.

While it was technically not removed, the surrounding area has vastly changed over the past decade.

East Coast is now one of the more popular hangout spots for families and groups of friends. Many visitors also take pictures atop the picturesque tower today, without knowing the full extent of its creepy origins.

7. Raffles Institution’s 49-metre pool

Raffles Institution is one of the longest standing schools in Singapore with roots dating all the way back to Sir Raffles himself.

The school’s facilities & buildings, however, were only built much later.

Although the school compound is enormous, their pool is only 49 metres long. That’s 1 metre short of a full-sized Olympic pool.

The story goes that workers who were constructing the pool at the time found human remains at the 50-metre mark. To avoid incurring the wrath of the spirits, they decided to not build the last metre.


From what we found, the Bishan area was also the site of a World War II battle in Singapore.

Apparently, the bloody battle was fought over a cemetery and resulted in the dying men laying over already buried bodies.

If you’re an RI student reading this, we hope your morning lap around the pool will still be as enjoyable while musing about this.

8. St Patrick’s School’s staircase

St Patrick’s is a school with a dark past.

During World War II, it was used as a hospital by the British forces. It was also a battleground when the Japanese took over.


Clearly, there were many unwilling people who died there. But one story stands out.

A Japanese soldier was apparently sent to kill civilians atop a flight of stairs. However, he didn’t know that a British soldier was waiting to ambush him and he was killed just as he reached the top. This left him to be forever trapped at the stairs looking for people he was supposed to kill.

After many years, 5 construction workers were sent to replace the wooden steps. These 5 workers allegedly all died in their sleep.

But the school eventually managed to convert the wooden steps to concrete and repaint the walls. The staircase now leads to the school library.

Tread carefully as Singapore has tons of allegedly haunted places

If you think about it, the odds are that there will always be people who have passed away in every crevice of our island.

Avoiding these ‘haunted’ places out of respect for the dead isn’t exactly a practical solution, as Singapore is already a very small country.


So in our daily routines, we may inadvertently step into places that were, or perhaps still are, haunted. But as long as you are respectful, you should be fine.

Have news you must share? Get in touch with us via email at hello@mustsharenews.com.

Featured image from Asia Paranormal Investigators and Google Maps.

VivoCity Hypermarkets Close On 17 Feb; NTUC FairPrice Only Opens In Late 2019

Giant & Cold Storage Close On 17 Feb, NTUC FairPrice Opens Late 2019

Just a few months ago, we gave a PSA about Giant at VivoCity or Vivomart closing in early 2019.

Now that dreaded time has come and the supermarket is leaving with its counterpart, Cold Storage, too.

TODAYonline reported on Saturday (2 Feb) that Giant and Cold Storage will be exiting VivoCity on 17 Feb.

No supermarkets from 17 Feb

Giant and Cold Storage, both under Dairy Farms International Holdings, will allegedly be closing in 2 weeks.


We’re not sure how nostalgic you’d get about the latter, but most of us will certainly miss the two-storey Giant hypermarket.


The huge store with endless arrays of household products has been a comforting refuge from the sea of retail stores in the mall.

Customers who regularly shop for groceries there will miss the variety of fresh produce that are sold at affordable prices.

With Cold Storage leaving VivoCity at the same time, there will be no other grocery stores available — unless you can survive on products from Marks & Spencer’s food hall.

Alternative options for groceries

FairPrice, Singapore’s largest supermarket chain, will open at VivoCity only in the third quarter of 2019.

That’s somewhere between July and September.

What can customers turn to in the meantime? There’s always online grocery shopping at RedMart, FairPrice On, Giant or Cold Storage.

But if you prefer to pick your products yourself, the nearest supermarkets are:

  • Cold Storage, Harbourfront Centre, 1 Maritime Square, #01-48 to 50, Singapore 099253
  • NTUC FairPrice, Blk 1, Tanjong Pagar Plaza, #01-01, Singapore 082001
  • FairPrice Finest, 100 Tras Street, #B1-01, Singapore 079027
  • NTUC FairPrice, 78A Telok Blangah St 32, #01-01/02, Singapore 101078
  • NTUC FairPrice, 460 Alexandra Road, #01-09 & #01-16, Singapore 119963
  • Habitat by Honestbee, 34 Boon Leat Terrace, Singapore 119866

High expectations for FairPrice Xtra

A FairPrice spokesperson has said that the FairPrice Xtra opening at VivoCity will have “unique features”.

No further details have been given, but with self-checkout machines becoming a fixture in their stores, we can expect more exciting additions.

Perhaps they could take after Habitat by Honestbee and implement fully robotic checkouts, both in-store and via phone apps.

Dining places offering food cooked from fresh produce right from the store could also make a wonderful addition.


The FairPrice Xtra outlet spanning roughly 8,361 square meters will be the largest in Singapore, so there’s more than enough space for these interesting features.

Out with the old, in with the new

We’re sad to see Giant and Cold Storage go, but perhaps the new year bids a new beginning at VivoCity.

We hope that the new FairPrice Xtra outlet will turn out great and be worth the wait when it opens later this year.

For now, if you want to bask in the glorious air-con of Vivomart or Vivo’s Cold Storage one last time, plan a trip to VivoCity soon.

You’ll only have a few days left before they’re gone forever.

Featured image from Google Maps.

KL Bubble Tea Street Is Boba Heaven With 10 Shops Open Till Late Including Gong Cha & The Alley

KL Bubble Tea Street Is Every Boba Lover’s Fantasy

Visit any popular bubble tea shop in Singapore and you’re sure to find a snaking queue.

The boba obsession is real, and having to queue to satisfy your craving can be quite the mood-killer.

Good news for those who like to travel across the Causeway though — Kuala Lumpur (KL) has an entire street full of bubble tea shops, and most stay open till late.

If you’re planning a KL trip soon, drop by SS15 Subang Jaya to get your boba fix any time, even in the late hours of the night.


1. The Alley

Singaporeans went crazy when famous Taiwanese brand The Alley first reached our shores in Apr 2019. The line at their Jewel Changi outlet is still insanely long, and we can expect the same at Cineleisure too.


If you haven’t had a taste yet, we’d suggest heading to their KL outlet and making a mini vacation out of it. The new addition Early Grey Tea will pair perfectly with their signature brown sugar pearls.


Address: 84G, Jalan SS5/4, 47500 Subang Jaya
Opening hours: 12pm-1am daily

2. Gong Cha

Gong Cha‘s iconic return saw throngs of customers lining up at the first outlet at SingPost Centre. With a few more outlets gradually opening, the craze will only spread.


Thankfully, Gong Cha in KL doesn’t have such ridiculously long queues, so you won’t have to wait for eternity to get your milk tea with pearls.


Address: 3, Jalan SS15/7, 47500 Subang Jaya
Opening hours: Sun-Thurs 11am-10pm, Fri & Sat 11am-12am


Want to depart from the bubble tea brands everyone keeps talking about? Why not try DABOBA, a brand that claims to have started the brown sugar craze in Taiwan.


Their brown sugar pearls are said to be extra decadent and not too cloying at all, so it might prove to be worth the long trip there.

Address: 25, Jalan SS15/4, 47500 Subang Jaya
Opening hours: Sun-Thurs 12.30pm-11.45pm, Fri & Sat 12.30pm-12.15am

4. JLD Dragon

JLD Dragon takes brown sugar fresh milk to another level by adding a luscious topping of whipped cream and creme fraiche.


Since you’re having your little sugary treat, why not indulge in the full experience?

Address: No. 7-G, Jalan SS15/4E, SS15, 47500 Subang Jaya
Opening hours: 12pm-12am daily

5. Xing Fu Tang

We know, another brown sugar pearl joint, but the twist here is that they stir fry their brown sugar pearls in-store in a huge wok, so you can be sure that the caramelised taste will really shine through.


Another interesting item on the menu is their mango smoothie, which is topped with panna cotta in the shape of a rabbit. How totally random but super cute is that?


Expect a long queue though, as the fairly new outlet is still welcoming waves of excited first-time customers.

Address: 88, Ground Floor, Jalan SS15/4, 47500 Subang Jaya
Opening hours: 12pm-1am daily

6. Tea Amo

Perhaps a play on the Spanish expression “Te amo” which means “I love you”, there’s every reason to love this bubble tea shop.

Their milk tea doesn’t just stop at the traditional option — you can opt for a variety of other milk flavours like rose, peach, caramel and even hazelnut.


Go for the soft serve ice-cream with pearls, served in a cup or cone, if you want to switch things up a bit.

Address: 51, Jalan SS15/4, 47500 Subang Jaya
Opening hours: 11am-1am daily

7. OneZo

We have PlayMade, Malaysia has OneZo, the Taiwanese OG in flavoured pearl toppings. You can choose from brown sugar, cactus and caramel pearls to go with drinks like taro milk tea and cocoa latte.


OneZo also famously created the Poké Ball pearls, so Pokémon fans can truly eat, live and breathe Pokémon.


Address: 70-G, Jalan SS15/4, 47500 Subang Jaya
Opening hours: 11am-1am daily

8. Cha Wan Jia Tea Bubble

Cha Wan Jia is basically what you’d imagine the love child of PlayMade and LiHo would be. Pearls in flavours like sakura and dragon fruit, and teas with foamy cheese toppings give you the best of both worlds.


You’d be so blown away by the menu that you’ll start tripping over your words and calling bubble tea “tea bubble” instead.

Address: No. 34, SS15/8, 47500 Subang Jaya
Opening hours: Sun-Thurs 11.30am-12am, Fri & Sat 11.30am-1am

9. Pin Tea

Not your typical boba store, Pin Tea offers healthier versions of thirst-quenching, ice cold beverages. Pick from fresh fruit teas like grape, kiwi, berries and mango, some of which also come in ice blended form.


If you really can’t do without dairy, they also have frappes in flavours like double chocolate chip, caramel black tea and hojicha.

Add their unique “pin balls”, a supposedly healthier substitute for tapioca pearls, for some chewiness. These are said to contain zero fats and calories, and even help with digestion.


Health nuts would appreciate this less sinful option for bubble tea.

Address: 86G, Jalan SS15/4, 47500 Subang Jaya
Opening hours: 12pm-1am daily

10. Chatto

Slightly further away from the rest, Chatto is the only shop that’s also a full-fledged cafe complete with a savoury food menu. Fill your empty stomach with Japanese and Korean delicacies like a kimchi chicken sandwich or a curry bento set.


Wash everything down with a cup of matcha pearl latte, among other delicious drink options, for a satisfying meal.


Address: No. 24 Jalan SS15/4D, 47500 Subang Jaya
Opening hours: Sun-Thurs 11.30am-12am, Fri & Sat 11.30am-1am

Late night bubble tea haunts

With over 10 bubble tea shops open past midnight, SS15 Subang Jaya in KL is really the place to be for crazy boba fanatics.

The area is easily accessible from the SS15 LRT station, but of course, you can just Grab your way there.


June holidays are less than a month away, so you should probably start planning a holiday in KL to try all these wild and wonderful bubble tea options.

Featured image from @steffylovesfood and @eva_t0807 on Instagram.

The Market Bangkok Is Like Platinum Mall But Newer, & Located Right Next Door

The Market Bangkok Is Also Home To Domo-Kun Cafe

Bangkok is one of the best shopping havens in the world. But if you’re the kind of person who flies there 3 to 4 times a year, it does get pretty sian after some time.

Thankfully, a new mall just opened in Bangkok right next to Platinum Mall on last Thursday (14 Feb), and has everything you’d expect in a shopping complex, from blogshops to cafés and even massage parlours.


Here’s a preview of what you can expect.

Rows of fashion boutiques

Those looking for new apparels will be delighted at the rows upon rows of fashion boutiques at The Market Bangkok.


There are in fact two whole levels of blogshops on Floors M and 1 for shoppers looking for new additions to their wardrobe.


Whether you’re looking for cutesy T-shirts or formal dresses for the workplace, The Market Bangkok has everything you’ll need.


You’ll also be able to get some beachwear for your next tanning session.


The mall certainly has Far East Plaza feels, but on steroids.

Massage parlours on Floor 4

A must-do in between all that shopping is heading to Floor 4 for a Thai massage session. You can relieve your body of aches and pains at Let’s Relax — a massage parlour located on Floor 4.


There are also salons and beauty centres at The Market Bangkok for those looking to beautify themselves.

You can check out the full list of beauty services here.

Huge variety of F&B outlets


The undisputed highlight of the F&B pickings here is surely the Domo-kun Café located on Floor G.


We highly recommend going for their soft serve ice cream which comes with our favourite topping — tapioca pearls.


At just S$2.82 (65 baht), it’s a steal for something that will have your Instagram followers jelly AF.

You can also grab yourself some adorable Domo-kun merchandise.


If you’re looking for a heavier meal, there’s also a massive food court on the 3rd floor.


Getting there

Planning a trip there already? The Market Bangkok is located directly opposite Central World, and a 5-minutes walk from Platinum Mall.

Here’s the address:

Location: The Market Bangkok
Address: Ratchadamri Road, 10400 Bangkok Thailand
Opening hours: 10am-10pm
Nearest BTS station: Chit Lom

Guess it’s time for you to start jio-ing your friends for a trip to Bangkok soon!

Featured image from Facebook.

10 Most Expensive Singapore Homes In 2019 That Are Still On The Market

10 Most Expensive Homes In Singapore

You may have, when younger and playfully imaginative, dreamt of living in a castle.

But as you grew older, you began to realise that living in a castle is impractical — especially in a space-deprived city like Singapore. Only the ultra-wealthy get to live in anything close to being called a castle.


Here are the 10 most expensive homes that are available on the Singapore market now. We’ve ranked them from expensive to ridiculously expensive because who are we kidding? Admiring them in pictures is as close as most of us will get to seeing them IRL.

10. Queen Astrid Park, Bukit Timah


Price on PropertyGuru: $60,000,000
Tenure type: Freehold

If you want to be above everyone else all the time, you may want to consider this house — supposing that you can afford it.

The house at Queen Astrid Park is elevated from its surroundings and has trees planted all around it so you can always have your privacy in your own home. You probably won’t be able to see much of the house from the street.

Maybe the house is too ‘small’ for you. The house also features a gazebo if you prefer the charms of the great outdoors.


9. Boulevard Vue


Price on PropertyGuru: $61,000,000
Tenure type: Freehold

You may not have expected a non-landed property in this list. Each unit occupies an entire level — which should justify its ridiculous price tag. You’ll even have private access to the rest of the building from 2 lifts.


The best part about the penthouse is that you can choose how you would like it designed and a team will help you with it.

Choose to have a panoramic view of the skyline

8. Ladyhill Park, Bukit Timah


Price on PropertyGuru: $63,988,000
Tenure type: Freehold

Hidden behind a wall of greenery is another super-expensive modern home.

Just like most other houses at this price range, you have a personal swimming pool.


But what sets this apart is the huge basement garage that could house the owner’s supercars.

Why drive 1 car when you can have 10?

The rich seem to never have time to go catch a movie in the ‘squeezy’ cinemas. So this house also includes an in-house movie theatre.

7. Ewart Park, Bukit Timah


Price on PropertyGuru: $61,000,000 – $65,000,000
Tenure type: Freehold

This property is probably one of the more modern-looking ones on the list. However, it’s not only modern-looking on the outside but on the inside as well.

The expansive property boasts a barbeque pit, a gymnasium room and a massive swimming pool that extends into the house.


It also has a fully-fitted kitchen that even the finest chefs would desire. This may not be the biggest house in this list but who cares, it’s definitely one of the most aesthetic.

6. Ocean Drive, Sentosa Cove


Price on PropertyGuru: $78,000,000 to $78,888,888

A list of expensive homes will without a doubt include Sentosa Cove’s Ocean Drive units.

Sentosa Cove is reserved only for the rich and famous — at least that’s what we learned in Monopoly Singapore Edition.

Look at salt water while swimming in chlorine water

The only problem with living in Sentosa is that you’re living on a separate island. But when you’re that rich, time can be probably be ‘bought’.


5. Binjai Park, Bukit Timah


Price on PropertyGuru: $83,800,000
Tenure type: Freehold

At first glance, the bungalow doesn’t seem that impressive. You can’t see much of it with the trees ‘guarding’ the compound.

However, you’ll understand the reason for the asking price when you find out how big the house really is.

The size of the property is around 70,000 square feet making it only slightly smaller than a soccer field.


You can literally fit all your uncle and aunties into the unused plot of land for a random post-CNY gathering — or just because you can.


4. Chancery Lane, Newton


Price on PropertyGuru: $83,888,888
Tenure type: Freehold

Unlike the Binjai Park property, that occupied a vast expanse of land, this estate resembles more typical landed property at around 4,285 square feet.

That said, it is by far the most expensive house per square feet at $19,577 psf. By comparison, regular condominiums hover around $5,000 psf, which is still a hefty price to fork out.

The house comes equipped with an above ground swimming pool. From what can be seen, it’s nice enough to immediately move in without any renovations.


The listing is probably more of a troll as we can’t see anyone buying such a small but expensive property. Can you?

3. Yarwood Avenue, Bukit Timah


Price on PropertyGuru: $86,000,000
Tenure type: N/A

From the outside, this seems like a rather run-down property. However, do not be deceived by its outward appearance. The property is 69,500 square feet — second biggest on this list.

The garden feels more like a park

Oh did we mention that the grounds include a full-sized tennis court?


The property is huge, but if you think that the house is comparable, you’d be wrong. The house is actually one-story and not as extravagant as you’d think.

2. Leedon Road, Holland


Price on PropertyGuru: $91,800,000
Tenure type: Freehold

Unfortunately, the listing for this property doesn’t have many details about where exactly it is.

However, what it shows is enough to help you understand why the property costs so much. Not only does it have a swimming pool – almost seems like a given at this point – it also has an area big enough for a futsal match.

I guess you could say this house is ‘goals’

1. Wallich Residence, Tanjong Pagar

If you thought that the most expensive home in this list was going to be a freehold landed property, you would be wrong.


Price on PropertyGuru: $107,000,000
Tenure type: 99-year lease

The most expensive property you can purchase now is actually a penthouse at Wallich Residence with a 99-year lease.

The property is expensive for many reasons. One of which is that it is placed right at the heart of the Central Business District. At this price, you’ll also be paying for the interior space and view of the skyline.


With a 21,000 square feet living space and a view from 60 floors up, you’ll literally feel on top of the world.


Singapore, the land of the rich

If you’ve read all the way to the end, you might have noticed a trend — many of the properties lie in the Bukit Timah area.

This could be why Bukit Timah is usually known as the rich man’s paradise.


Have we missed any expensive Singapore properties still on the market? Do let us know in the comments and it may just make a notable entry on this list to give us all major house envy.

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Cornwall Gardens Is A Massive Botanic Gardens House For 4 Generations

Featured image from Carousell and Google Maps.

Singapore Is A Futuristic City From 2050 In This Album That’s Convinced Netizens To Visit ASAP

Local Photographer’s Photo Album Makes Singapore Look Like A Futuristic City From 2050

We’ve often heard that Singapore is a futuristic city thanks to urban farms, state-of-the-art architecture and towering skyscrapers.

The island’s sights might not be impressive to locals since we’re used to seeing them everyday, but these photos will definitely change your mind.

A photographer named Kevin (@kevouthere) has uploaded shots of illuminating landmarks and out-of-this world buildings that make Singapore look like a city of the future.


We might not be able to time travel but these places make us feel like we’re living in an urban sci-fi fantasy.

1. Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands has a dramatic sky garden atop luxurious triple towers. While they’re set to add a fourth tower by 2030, we’d like to see how many towers it’ll have by 2050.


2. The Interlace

Normal buildings are made from the ground-up but The Interlace mimics Jenga blocks irregularly stacked on top of each other.


3. The Singapore Sports Hub

They say the view from the top is always better and we think the same is true for The Singapore Sports Hub.


4. The Hive at NTU

Most buildings are rectangular but NTU’s The Hive strays from the norm. It features interconnected non-hierarchical round shapes that stimulate collaborative learning.


5. Indoor waterfall at Jewel Changi Airport

Futurists say that cityscapes will blend nature and urban architecture but it’s already a reality in Singapore.

Waterfalls are common in mountains and we never knew we needed an indoor version, until we saw the tallest indoor waterfall at Jewel Changi Airport.


6. Gardens By The Bay

Gardens By The Bay has supertrees and lush greeneries that imitate rainforests a few centuries from now.


7. Flower Dome at Gardens by the Bay

We did a double take due to this bewildering night transformation of the Flower Dome showcasing its reflective glass walls, neon lights and symmetrical columns.


8. NTU’s School of Art, Design and Media (ADM)

We love the vast expanse of green fields and we’re expecting to see them in more roofs soon like NTU’s School of Art, Design and Media (ADM).


9. Parkroyal on Pickering

Parkroyal on Pickering is a communal space featuring exquisite terraced gardens complete with bird cage sculptures in an assortment of colours.


10. The Tree House in Bukit Panjang

The Tree House condominium in Bukit Panjang proves that the grass can also look greener on the outside of a towering residential building.


Happy to live in the future

The future might be unpredictable but Kevin (@kevouthere) proves that it’s incredibly bright for us here.

The Singapore-based photographer specialises in landscape, architectural, travel and street photography. His experience as an interaction designer allows him to take stunning images that capture the complexity of the island’s architectural feats.

If the island looks like a futuristic cityscape in 2019 — we can’t wait to see how Singapore’s appearance will continue to evolve 30 years from now.

Featured image from Instagram.


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