Dyson Founder Buys Bukit Timah Bungalow, Just 3 Weeks After Splurging On Penthouse

$100 million worth of property in a month.

Tourists Caught Stealing Items From Bali Hotel; Netizens Applaud Staff For Standing Their Ground

It's not about the money, it's about respecting the resort.

Photo Of Bedok Void Deck ‘With Metal Bars’ Was Taken From A Misleading Angle

There's another 'angle' to every story.

PM Lee Hsien Loong & President Halimah Are The Most Admired S’poreans In The...

JJ Lin is 2nd most admired Singaporean male.

Dyson Founder Moves To Singapore, Buys Our Most Expensive Penthouse For $74 Million

A mere 0.5% of Sir Dyson's net worth.

We Explain MINDEF Military Ranks So You Can Recognise Who You’re Calling Sir or...

We Break Down MINDEF Ranks So You Know A Crab From A Corporal For many of us who aren't from the National Cadet Corps or the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF), telling military ranks apart by their insignias alone can be mind-boggling. There are more than 30 insignias from 8 rank classes...

CPF Board Hopes To Teach Students About CPF Earlier, So It’s Less Cheem When...

CPF Board hopes students will "develop an appreciation for CPF" at an earlier stage.


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