Citi’s New Card Has 1.6% Instant Cash Back, So You Can Shop For Stay-Home Essentials Guilt-Free

Citi’s Cash Back+ Mastercard® Gives You Up To $350 Cash Back As A Welcome Gift

Swiping left or right to decide who you’d like to go out with on your next hot date usually gets our palms sweaty with anticipation.

But there’s a thrill that comes with swiping your credit cards while shopping too — online, offline or otherwise.

Although the arrival of Phase 2 heralds the reopening of most brick-and-mortar stores, it is still best to tread with caution before exploring malls with your trusty card in hand.


Fortunately, an alternative form of ‘window shopping’ is still available, and we have the Internet to thank for that.

Here’s a pro-tip on how to get a little extra back on your laundry list of groceries, food delivery purchases & even big-ticket items.

Guilt-free fried chicken & BBT deliveries

Ever since ‘Circuit Breaker’, we’ve naturally spent more on food delivery & takeout orders over the past 3 months.

Impulse late night fried chicken and bubble tea orders, we’re looking at you. But food for the soul in times of uncertainty has its merits — just not for our wallets.


This could explain why we’re perpetually on the lookout for discount codes, good deals & freebies for our spectrum of food apps.

But there’s an easier way to save on your orders, and it involves claiming cash back — which totally beats hunting high and low for elusive discounts.

More specifically, 1.6% cash back with Citi’s new Cash Back+ Mastercard.

Given the increasing popularity of food deliveries, the amount you’ll earn back could be a significant sum.

No grocery run is too small for cash back

Credit card perks usually come with pesky fine print, which sometimes invalidates our cash back entitlements.

A major ‘gatekeeper’ that restricts us from getting some of our money back is the minimum spend required to unlock the cash back.

It’s pretty disappointing to realise you can’t get some hard-earned moolah back just because you’re $0.50 short of the requirement.

Image courtesy of MS News

For first-time credit card hunters, the Citi Cash Back+ Mastercard is easy enough to navigate — you’ll get cash back on any amount spent as long as you remember to charge it to the card.

For instance, you could order any old-school snack you miss or even an $0.80 Ring Pop to pop the BTO-question to bae and still get 1.6% cash back from it.


Every cent counts when you’re saving up for your next grocery run — you can earn that extra bag of Super Rings the old-fashioned way, dollar by dollar.

No limits to cash back for big ticket items

Then again, some of us might face a reverse problem where our expenditure is too large.

Big-ticket items like replacing our aircons or major overhauls for new homes now that renovation projects can resume, may usually face a cash back cap.


This is super sayang when you spend thousands of dollars but only a tiny fraction of it qualifies for cash back.

If ordering chicken rice entitles you to a whole bowl of free soup, surely large purchases should entitle us to more too.

Thankfully, the card has no cap on cash back, meaning that there is no limit to the amount of cash back you can recover.

This helps add value to every single cent spent, and makes the most out of all your purchases.

Up to $350 cash back as welcome gift till 14 Jul 2020

If uncapped 1.6% cash back with no minimum spend sounds good to you, consider adding Citi’s new Cash Back+ Mastercard to your shopping arsenal.


To qualify, you’ll need to fulfill these criteria:

  • Minimum income of $30,000
  • Over 21 years old

You’ll also need these documents to sign up:

  • Copy of NRIC or Passport
  • Latest Payslip
    • OR Tax Notice of Assessment
    • OR CPF Statement (last 12 months)

From now till 14 Jul 2020, new Citi Credit Cardmembers will receive a welcome gift of up to $350 cash back with $500 spent in the first month. Annual fees of $192.60 will also be waived for the first year.

For more details and to sign up, do visit Citi’s website here.

Don’t forget to exercise prudence in spending

Thanks to these perks, we can continue to online-shop from home guilt-free, knowing that we get something back with each purchase.

Especially in a post-Covid-19 landscape, contactless payment is the way forward for us — having a trusty cash back card equipped will be helpful in saving every dollar.

Of course, like with all credit cards, do remember to spend wisely and within your means.

This post is written in collaboration with Citi Singapore.

Featured image adapted from MS News.

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