Netizen Reminisces About Homeless Old Woman From 5 Years Ago, Wonders If She’s Ok Now

Worried Netizen Seeks Out Homeless Elderly Woman From 5 Years Ago

We’ve all come across some poor soul that could benefit from our kindness while we go about our day. Some days we help, and other days we wonder about them when we don’t see them.

An MS News reader recently came across his own Facebook memory from 5 years ago, reminding him of a homeless elderly woman he used to know.

In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, he now wonders how she’s doing, and is trying to locate her through the power of social media.

Made tearful plea to help woman 5 years ago

5 years ago, the worried netizen, Mr Fazli, posted a video of himself tearfully asking the public to help the elderly woman out with any act of kindness – be it donations, mattresses or warm drinks.


In his recount, he shares always passing by the elderly woman sitting with her belongings when he walked through Mohamed Ali lane.

Upon seeing her plight, he came to the startling realisation about how much people take things for granted – highlighting the trivial pursuit of luxury items to “show how well off we are”.

In comparison, the frail old lady sincerely thanks strangers with “what’s left of her voice”, and appreciates simple donations such as spare change or food.

Mr Fazli then asks the public to look out for her, and to reach out to him if there is anything that can be done to help her.

Looking for the elderly woman amid Covid-19

5 years on, Mr Fazli no longer knows where or how she is. However, he is still very concerned about her and is appealing for information about her current location or status.

Sharing a photo that his photographer friend happened to take of the lady, he hopes to find her, or connect with anyone that knows about her.


He says that while social media may be used for advertisements, fun and games, it could also be a force for good, and escalate social causes.

Reach out if you have information

It’s touching that Mr Fazli is looking out for this elderly woman even when half a decade has passed.

Hopefully, she is safe and sound amid this difficult time.

If you have seen this lady, or know anyone who knows her, do reach out to Mr Fazli via his Facebook page here.

Featured image adapted from Facebook and Flickr.

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