Kind S’porean Helps Elderly Man Put On Face Mask, Even Fixes His Walking Stick

Driver Spots Elderly Man Walking Across Street Without Face Mask, U-Turns To Pass Him One

During the Covid-19 outbreak, our seniors are encouraged to stay home and wear a mask should the need arises to head out.

Recently, a group of Singaporeans spotted an elderly man walking across the road without a face mask. Seeing how dangerous this is, they turned their car around to pass him one.

A netizen named Fion Phua took to Facebook to share this heartwarming encounter on Tuesday (16 Jun), encouraging us to be kind to others in our community.

You can read her post in full here:


Met elderly man along Chai Chee road

On Sunday (14 Jun), Ms Phua, her husband, and a fellow volunteer were driving along Chai Chee Road in Bedok.


En route to their destination, they saw an elderly man inching along the sidewalk. Realising he wasn’t wearing a face mask, the trio made a U-turn to see how they can help.

Help him put on face mask

When they returned to the location, the elderly uncle had only managed to walk a few steps from where he originally was.

However, after receiving the face mask, the man seemingly held on to it with no intention of putting it on.


It took a few moments before Ms Phua came to the realisation that the elderly man could not move his right arm and hence was unable to wear his face mask independently. He couldn’t use his other arm too as he was holding on to his walking stick.

The kind volunteers aided him in the process, ensuring he is adequately protected on his walk home.


Fixed his walking stick too

The volunteers also found that the man’s worn-out walking stick was unable to support his weight.


Thankfully, Ms Phua, who runs a charity organisation named Keeping Hope Alive Volunteers, had just the perfect supplies on hand to ‘repair’ it.

They fixed a bell and LED light on the handle and even added a rubber stopper at the base of the stick for a better ‘grip’.

Image courtesy to Ms Fion Phua

This is something the group has been doing for elderly members living in rental flats, on top of caring for their basic needs, according to Mr Phua.

Be kind to people around you

There are many senior citizens, like this elderly man, who need our help during this difficult period.

Ms Phua and her team of kind Samaritans are actively seeking out such individuals and are going out of their way to aid them.

She also encourages fellow Singaporeans to show more understanding and kindness to our senior and step up to help during this period.

You can find out more about how to help here.

Hope this inspires others to do good too

Kudos to the trio for literally going the extra distance to help out those in need.

We hope their actions will inspire other Singapore to do good for the less fortunate, especially during these uncertain times we are currently in.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook and Facebook.

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