Revamped Bedok 85 & Food Centres Will Reopen Soon, We Can Support Hawkers Responsibly

Bedok 85 & 2 More Food Centres Reopen From 16 Jun After Renovations

NEA has been helping to ensure that malls & shared public spaces remain clean & safe for citizens to visit, especially in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Circuit Breaker was also a convenient time to carry out renovation and upgrading works at popular markets.


And in a matter of days, we’ll be able to witness these efforts pay off.

These 3 major food centres will be reopening from Tuesday (16 Jun) onwards:

Here’s a closer look at what to expect for each market.

NEA plans 3-4 month renovation for 3 major food centres

For the past 3-4 months, these 3 heartland food centres & markets have been closed. Bedok 85 – well-known for its bak chor mee & oyster omelette – has been shuttered since 10 Feb this year.

bedok 85 bak chor mee - seng hiang

Renovation works will finally be completed on these dates, according to NEA’s website.


ABC Brickworks reopening was postponed from 15 May

ABC Brickworks‘s reopening was previously postponed from 15 May for another month due to the onset of Circuit Breaker measures, as reported by TODAY.


But Bukit Merah residents will definitely be heartened to know that their wait is going to pay off soon.

You’ll be able to indulge in char siew rice glistening with sticky brown sauce & the comforting wok hei of Hokkien mee soon.

Clementi’s food centre reopens on 22 Jun

As for 353 Clementi Food Centre, it will be the last on NEA’s list to complete its renovation works.


Westies can still look forward to dabao-ing packs of mee pok or hearty boxes of sambal stingray once the market is up & running, slated to reopen on Monday (22 Jun).


Support hawkers safely & responsibly

Of course, though we’re excited for the opportunity to support our favourite hawkers again, do stick closely to safe distancing protocol & stagger your visits to avoid peak hours and weekend crowds.

With a community-centric mindset, we’ll be able to balance enjoying our meals, supporting hardworking hawkers & keeping our loved ones safe.

Featured image adapted from Google Maps, NEA & Google Maps.

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