Moderna Distributor With 6 Cases Among 10 New Clusters On 30 Jul

Over the past few days, Singapore has been reporting several new clusters on a daily basis. One particular cluster of concern is Punggol Primary School, which has grown to 12 cases.

5 More Covid-19 Cases Linked To Punggol Primary Cluster, School Extends HBL

On Friday (30 Jul), the Ministry of Health (MOH) reported 10 new clusters, including 1 linked to a pharmaceutical company that distributes Moderna Covid-19 vaccines.


This brings the total number of active clusters in Singapore to 63.

Moderna vaccine distributor among 10 new clusters on 30 Jul

In their evening update on Friday (30 Jul), MOH reported 10 new clusters.

9 of them are linked to individual cases, with little information available as part of MOH’s new daily update format.

The remaining cluster has links to Zuellig Pharma, a company that distributes Moderna Covid-19 vaccines.

8 of the new clusters comprise 3 or 4 cases each.

The 2 remaining clusters, 1 of which is Zuellig Pharma, comprise 6 cases each.

Singapore currently has 63 active clusters — the highest number in the past month.


The silver lining, however, is that most of these clusters did not report new cases on 30 Jul.

Jurong Fishery Port cluster grows to 999 cases

The Jurong Fishery Port cluster, currently our nation’s largest, now has 999 cases, with 28 new infections on Friday (30 Jul).


The KTV lounges and Samy’s Curry Restaurant clusters saw more modest growth, with 1 and 8 new cases linked respectively.

The Punggol Primary School cluster which emerged earlier this week saw 1 new case. However, its tally remains at 12 cases.

Hope patients will have a smooth recovery

The emergence of new clusters would understandably cause some to worry.

However, the fact that most other clusters are not reporting new cases also shows that ongoing containment and contact tracing are effective.

Most importantly, we hope that individuals who have contracted the virus will recover smoothly.

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