HSA finds potent steroids in 3 health products, warns public against consuming them

HSA tests reveal potent medicinal ingredients in several health products

The Health Sciences Authority (HSA) has issued a statement alerting the public about the presence of potent medicinal ingredients in three popular health products.

They are:

  • Natural Herbs
  • La Mu Cao Capsules
  • Special Skin Treatment

These products were found to contain traces of steroids, antibiotics, and painkillers, leading to adverse side effects among those who took them.

As a result, HSA has warned not to purchase or consume any of the tainted products.

Woman experienced steroid-induced side effects

On Friday (3 May), HSA disclosed the potent medicinal ingredients it found in each of the three health products.

Dexamethasone was detected in Natural Herbs, which came to light after a woman in her 50s developed Cushing’s syndrome, a steroid-induced condition characterised by a swollen “moon face”.

The woman had purchased the product from a relative and had been using it for two months for “general wellbeing”.

Despite claiming to be free from steroids and mercury, HSA’s testing revealed the presence of dexamethasone in the product.

The product was labelled as “SGS approved” and deemed “suitable” for treating knee pain, itchy skin, internal injury, and stroke.

Elderly man felt eye discomfort after consuming capsules

A man in his 70s also experienced side effects after consuming La Mu Cao Capsules that his wife had taken to alleviate leg pain.

However, he started to feel discomfort in his eyes a day after taking the capsules.

HSA tests revealed that the brown powder-filled capsules had traces of several potent medicinal ingredients such as steroids, antibiotics, and painkillers.

The authority also highlighted a previous incident in 2019 involving a woman in her 50s who developed Cushing’s syndrome after consuming a product containing similar ingredients.

Skin cream targeted at babies & pregnant women contains steroid

In a third case study, HSA received reports of a “Special Skin Treatment”, which purported to relieve skin conditions with its “natural ingredients”.

The cream was marketed for babies, young children, pregnant women, and anyone with sensitive skin.

A woman used the cream on her children and noticed an improvement in their eczema within five days.

However, testing by HSA revealed that the cream contained a potent steroid known as clobetasol propionate.

HSA stressed that creams containing such steroids should only be prescribed by medical professionals under strict medical supervision.

The website that sold the cream is currently inactive, and investigations into its sale are ongoing.

HSA warns consumers against potent ingredients

HSA emphasised that these potent medicinal ingredients can induce severe side effects, including elevated blood sugar levels, Cushing’s syndrome, and stomach damage or bleeding.

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Consumers should exercise caution when purchasing from unfamiliar sources and should not place trust in products that promise “miraculous effects”.

Furthermore, HSA advised individuals who have consumed the aforementioned products to promptly seek medical attention.

Sellers and suppliers have also been instructed to halt all sales of these products immediately.

Violators caught selling these products could face imprisonment for up to three years, a fine of up to S$100,000, or both.

Members of the public can contact HSA’s Enforcement Branch with any information regarding the sale and supply of illegal products.

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