Worker Quits S’pore Company, Complains About Lack Of Bonus & Stingy Boss In Resignation Letter

Worker Quits S'pore Company, Complains About Lack Of Bonus & Stingy Boss In Resignation Letter

Worker Complains Of Lack Of Bonus & Stingy Boss In Brutally Honest Resignation Letter

Let’s face it: we have all had our fair share of work-related grievances.

At some point, these frustrations may push us to jump ship in search of better opportunities elsewhere, which then leads to the dreaded drafting of the resignation letter.

For one ex-worker at a Singaporean company, however, they decided to throw caution to the wind and air out all their complaints in said letter. And they didn’t hold back.

complains resignation letter

Source: Xiaohongshu

Complaints included having to wake up early, a stingy boss, and a lack of bonuses.

What made the letter even more cutting was the fact that the employee wrote it almost completely in Singlish.

Employee issued resignation letter on 15 Sep & will serve one-month notice

The letter surfaced in a Xiaohongshu post by an anonymous user nicknamed “Little Duck”.

complains resignation letter

Source: Xiaohongshu

They described it as a resignation letter that cuts straight to the point and does not beat around the bush.

However, the user issued a disclaimer that it did not belong to them. Instead, they had found it online.

Although sensitive information like the person’s name and company were redacted, one could still glean key details such as the date of resignation and notice period.

The letter was apparently sent on 15 Sep, following which the employee will be serving a one-month notice.

While the first half of the letter was standard fare, it is the second half where the drama really heightens.

Complains of having to wake up early & calls boss ‘niao’ in resignation letter

The writer of the resignation letter proceeded to list their reasons for leaving the company.

For starters, they disliked that “every morning need to wake up early 5am just to travel to (the boss’) company”.

With no punctuation in sight, the employee went right into the second reason, which was “salary also never increase for (them)”.

The next reason was likely the most pressing one as they wrote it in capital letters and bold font: “MOST IMPORTANTLY IS NO BONUS TAKE.”

They then delivered the final blow, ending the letter with: “So NIAO how to continue to serve your company in a better way.”

For context, ‘niao’ — or as ‘ngiao’ as some may spell it — is Singlish slang for someone who is stingy.

Netizens amused by extensive use of Singlish

The unconventionally worded resignation letter left many Singaporeans amused.

Some even took to defending Singlish, like in this case where an Australian user criticised the writer for their “pretty broken” English.

A Singaporean user rebutted them with a response aptly peppered with Singlish: “Singlish is a formal and official language lah! Can?”

complains resignation letter

Source: Xiaohongshu

On the other hand, some were fascinated by the employee’s use of the term ‘niao’, with one user pointing out that it should be spelt ‘ngiao’.

Source: Xiaohongshu

Lastly, one user advised that this letter proves that employers cannot treat millennial and Gen Z workers the way they did with those born in the 70’s and 80’s.

If they do, those workers will not hesitate to “fire” their employers.

Source: Xiaohongshu

In any case, we hope this resignation letter will not hurt the worker’s chances of reemployment should it be traced back to them.

Besides that, we wish them good luck and hope their next role will be a much better fit.

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