Doctors’ Quick Thinking Saved Elderly Man’s Bladder From Rupturing

Doctors often go out of the way to help someone in medical need, but this story of a doctor sucking up 800ml from a stranger’s bladder will definitely go down in the history books.

According to China Press, 2 doctors on board a long-distance flight saved an elderly man through their quick thinking. However, 1 of the heroic doctors stood out as he sucked 800ml of the elderly man’s urine.


Doctors requested on the flight

The 2 doctors were alerted 10 hours into China Southern Airlines flight CZ399 via an announcement that an elderly man was in need of immediate medical assistance.

Upon hearing the announcement, the 2 doctors sprang into action, rushing to attend to the elderly man.

They then found out that the man had roughly 1 litre of urine in his bladder and if not removed, his bladder may rupture, putting his life in danger.


They also noted that the elderly man had bladder problems and could not urinate on his own.

Improvised device could not drain urine in bladder

One of the doctors, Xiao Zhanxiang, used a catheter from a portable oxygen mask, a syringe needle, a straw and tape to make an improvised puncture and urine absorption device.

However, due to the pressure difference in the cabin, the device did not work.


Just as everyone was losing hope, Zhang Hong, the other doctor suddenly came up with a weird yet brilliant idea to suck the urine out manually with his mouth.

For 37 minutes, Zhang Hong continuously sucked and spat the elderly man’s urine into cups, until the 2 doctors reported that the man was in a stable condition.

Kudos to the 2 doctors

Thanks to the 2 doctors’ quick decision-making and innovative idea, the elderly man was saved from a world of pain, and possibly even death.

We wish the elderly man the best of health and the 2 doctors successful careers ahead.

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Featured image adapted from China Press & YouTube.