S’poreans Give NUH Staff Free Food & Supplies At Pop-Up Mama Shop Outside Hospital

‘Everything Free’ Pop-Up Shop In NUH

Multiple organisations around Singapore have done their part to give back to healthcare workers fighting Covid-19. From care packages to free food and discounts, healthcare workers have been receiving well-deserved gifts to thank them for their service.

Just when you thought you’ve seen it all, one group brought the concept of giving back to a whole new level.

A group of volunteers set up an “Everything Free Store” for healthcare workers outside National University Hospital (NUH), so they could stock up on necessities.

Pop-up shop at NUH gives away everything for free

“The Everything Free Store” started operations outside the hospital at 12.30pm. Naturally, hospital staff were quick to form queues as it was their lunch time.

Thankfully, the event was well-managed. Volunteers from the shop were spotted handing out paper bags, which NUH staff could use to fill them with items from the mama shop, free of charge.

The shop comes with a unique concept — only 7 participants are allowed to shop at one time.

We presume this restriction was put in place to ensure that there were enough supplies for everyone. Every frontline worker from nurse to cleaner were welcomed.

Store was meant for healthcare workers

The event was well-managed and healthcare workers were allowed in the ‘store’ in orderly batches to prevent congestion.

The volunteers were seen restocking supplies as participants enthusiastically grabbed them off the shelves.

Brands chipped in for the worthy cause

It is understood that a few brands came together to make this possible, with health products and daily essentials provided by:

  • Giant
  • Cold Storage
  • Guardian

Products like New Moon’s Essence of Chicken and Pei Pa Koa were available and were thoughtfully donated by the above companies.

Other items were for relieving any pains and aches that the staff may have developed due to their long hours of work, like Tiger Balm and Salonpas patches.

Hearing aid supplier Oticon chipped in a cash donation for the purchase of supplies and Kenzone helped provide logistic support.

The “The Everything Free Store” provided NUH staff with around $30,000 worth of daily food products and essentials.

The event moved NUH staff

The healthcare workers and hospital staff left the event not just with a bag of goodies, but contented hearts and wide grins too.

From their bright smiles, anyone could tell that they appreciated the initiative.

It’s wonderful that yet another group of individuals showed their appreciation for the staff at NUH.

Citizens can do their part as well

Healthcare workers and any staff on the frontlines of fighting Covid-19 need our support, now more than ever.

Whether they’re a doctor, nurse or cleaner, all of them deserve our respect and thankfulness for their hard work and dedication to keeping our country safe.

When asked why they did this, the volunteers said they wanted to honour our healthcare workers for their sacrifice and hard work, and they hoped this gesture inspires other Singaporeans to do the same.

We agree. Even simple acts such as giving up your seats on the train for them or giving them a smile acknowledges their efforts.

The situation in Singapore may be well-controlled, but that’s no reason to slacken our preventative measures and take things for granted. And we have our frontline workers to thank for that.

Featured image adapted from NUH.

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