China BBT Shop Reopens Amid Covid-19, Customers Have To Stand 1.5m Apart & Queue For 1-2 Hours

BBT Shop Requires Customers To Stand 1.5m Apart When Queuing

Safety is probably everyone’s top priority right now because of the Covid-19 virus.

This has led to many businesses taking precautions such as daily temperature taking to ensure customers’ and employees’ safety.


However, none of these measures are as careful as this bubble tea (BBT) shop in China which asked customers to stand 1.5 metres apart while queuing.

And that they did, despite having to stand in a long line for several hours.

Customers have to wear a mask while queuing

To help customers tell how far 1.5 metres is, the shop placed yellow stickers on the floor to indicate the distance customers should leave between each other.


Customers are also have to wear a surgical mask when they are in line.

This is to keep risk of infection to a minimum, as people stand in close proximity to each other for a long period of time.

Temperature taking and hand sanitising

Other than standing far apart and wearing a mask, staff from the shop went around taking the customers’ temperatures to ensure that no one in line was running a fever.


They also carried a bottle of hand sanitiser which customers can clean their hands with before entering the shop.

Netizens joke about the long line at China BBT shop

Despite the long line, many netizens stated that they would still queue for the addictive drink.


One netizen even joked that the long queue is proof that life is going on as normal for residents in China.


According to China News, customers patiently waited at 1 to 2 hours to get their BBT, which is testament to their undying love for the drink.

Kudos to the China BBT shop for taking such precautions

With Covid-19 fears intensifying, this BBT shop has shown that life can go on as normal with the correct procedures in place.

There’s no need for such measures in Singapore now, so you can still get BBT from your favourite shops.

If you’re too afraid or lazy to go out, there are always food delivery services.

Featured image adapted from Facebook and Facebook.

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