LiHO S’pore Lets You Know Temperatures Of Staff Who Prepared Your Bubble Tea Because Safety

LiHO Singapore Lets Customers Know Temperatures Of All Staff Serving Them In Light Of Covid-19 Situation

Amidst health and safety concerns due to the Covid-19 situation, many probably worry about how F&B retailers handle food.

This is why LiHO Singapore came up with the brilliant idea to indicate all their workers’ temperatures in a small note that they give to customers along with their drinks.

Image courtesy of an MS News reader

LiHO staff check temperatures regularly

According to the note by LiHO Singapore, they state that their staff will conduct frequent temperature checks throughout the day to ensure that they are not running a fever.


For delivery orders, staff members write their temperatures down on a piece of paper which they place together with the bag of drinks.

Even delivery riders have to record their temperatures, to account for every handler along the way.

Employees sanitise their hands frequently

On top of temperature checks, LiHO staff also have to sanitise their hands regularly throughout the course of their working day.

Delivery riders have to do the same before collecting their customers’ drinks.


A large bottle of hand sanitiser is available at the counter for anyone to use, so even customers can help themselves.

Reminder to stay hygienic

In their note, LiHO pledges to maintain a clean and safe environment when preparing drinks, and the pictures above prove their efforts.

They have also added a friendly reminder for customers to wash their hands before consuming their beverage, which is a thoughtful precaution.

LiHO’s efforts to go the extra mile for customer confidence truly deserves high praise.

Great initiative to build customers’ trust

This initiative goes to show how just how much LiHO Singapore cares for its customers.

Telling the customers workers’ temperatures could reassure them that their drinks are safe for consumption.


Let’s hope to see more of such initiatives from other food merchants so that customers can have peace of mind.

Featured image adapted from Facebook and an MS News reader.

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