Covid-19 Comics By NUS School Of Medicine Remind Us Not To Fear Healthcare Staff As They Disinfect Regularly

Covid-19 Chronicles By NUS School Of Medicine Impart Important Lessons To Readers

As accounts of unpleasant treatment towards healthcare workers increase along with the number of Covid-19 cases, attempts to dispel them also emerge.

National University of Singapore’s (NUS) School of Medicine has joined the fore with their Covid-19 chronicles, which aim to impart valuable lessons.


The seemingly ongoing series shares important information regarding the coronavirus with the public, the latest of which involves healthcare workers.

You can follow the series via the Facebook album here.

Misconceptions about healthcare workers

You’ve probably heard the story several times now — a nurse wanders around in public, and people around him or her automatically keep a safe distance away.

Some have it worse, with total strangers allegedly showing distaste towards them for simply being nurses.

What fuels most of this dissonance is ignorance, and perhaps paranoia.

People associate healthcare workers with direct exposure to Covid-19, as they attend to multiple patients throughout their shifts.


But what they may not consider is the fact that the hospital probably has the most foolproof hygiene protocol.

After all, the health of hundreds, if not thousands, of people in the building is at stake.

All hospital staff have to disinfect regularly

NUS School of Medicine’s latest instalment of the Covid-19 Chronicles, “Uniform Blues”, attempts to address these misconceptions.


The comic details the complex step-by-step procedures medical staff have to follow just to remove their protective gear.

After all that, they still have to wash their hands thoroughly with soap before they can leave their work stations.

Sadly, everybody else who doesn’t see this only thinks about the nurses’ contact with patients, which then scares many of them away.

Dr Dale Fisher, Professor in Infectious Disease at NUS and Chair of the Global Outbreak Alert and Response Network, concludes the comic with advice to show healthcare staff more appreciation. There’s no need to fear them as they “observe strict hygiene protocols”.

NUS Covid-19 comics a useful reminder for Singaporeans

At the end of the day, healthcare workers are the ones risking their lives to help save many others.

Without their sincere dedication, we wouldn’t be able to manage the outbreak as well as we possibly can.

Let’s put ourselves in their shoes and show a bit more kindness. Our healthcare workers truly deserve our respect.

Featured image adapted from Facebook and Facebook.

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