Miracle Baby Born To Brain-Dead Mother Who Was 16 Weeks Pregnant

When it comes to being pregnant, despite the immense joy the process brings, many mothers often have the fear of ending up with an unsuccessful pregnancy.

That’s why the touching story of this Czech lady who was declared brain-dead 16 weeks into her pregnancy, quickly went viral.

Her baby girl was delivered through a Caesarean section (C-section) surgery, 3.5 months after her mother was declared brain-dead, reports Euronews.


The miracle birth was announced on Monday (2 Sep) at the University Hospital in Brno, Czech Republic by doctors on the case.

Despite the unfortunate event prior to the delivery, a healthy baby girl was born with a weight of 2.13kg.

She was also “one of the heaviest and most mature babies born” to a mother who was already “brain-dead”, say doctors.

Mother was kept alive for 117 days for baby’s sake

The 27-year-old mother was announced brain-dead due to a haemorrhage on 21 April, earlier this year. Doctors declared that she had a history of “arteriovenous malformation with manifestations of epilepsy”.

Ultrasound image of foetus at 16 weeks

However, she was kept alive for more than 3 months so that her foetus could continue developing.

Medical team worked 24/7 to help birth the miracle child

Medical specialists from multiple departments worked together to keep both the mother and her foetus alive.

As seen in the same video, one of the doctor was captured onscreen massaging the mother’s abdomen in a circular motion.


In a video posted by EBC News, doctors can also be seen strapping the mother’s legs onto a machine to keep her limbs active.

Her grandmother also “read her fairytales” as doctors worked tirelessly to save the child.

Healthy baby girl born 3.5 months later

Doctors welcome a healthy baby girl

Thankfully, the newborn baby girl was delivered successfully via a C-section 3.5 months later. Her family decided to switch off life support for the mother, after the birth.

As it turns out, this miracle baby is one of the heaviest and most mature babies birthed to a brain-dead mother.

Now, the baby’s family has taken over the caring duties from the medical experts — with her aunt helping to breastfeed the child.

A mother’s love transcends death

Though props have to be given to the dedicated hospital staff who kept the baby alive, we trust that her mother was also staying strong for her child, despite her condition.

Now that her mother has finally been laid to rest, we know that her love for her baby will never cease, even in death.

All the best to the newborn and her loved ones, as we welcome her to our world.

Featured image adapted from NHS UK and EuroNews on YouTube.