These Singaporeans On Facebook Are Unexpectedly Quick To Play Down The Importance Of PSLE

These two Facebook notes enlightens us about PSLE results

This year’s PSLE results have just been released, and unlike some parents, there are people out there who are quick to play down the most important exams of any 12-year-old Singaporean’s life.

That’s right, these rebels of society do actually feel that PSLE results are little more than some worthless letters on a piece of paper.

Much like the Forum section on the national broadsheet, then.

Let’s have a look at what these anarchists have to say for themselves.

Josephus Tan, Lawyer

Josephus Tan, the lawyer who looks like a rock star has wrote a supportive message on his Facebook directed at primary school students who received their results on 25 Nov.

His expressive tattoos, unruly mane and sculpted facial hair gives off the impression of a man who is as hard as nails, but that is clearly not the case as we see in this Facebook post.

In his post, the pro bono advocate can be seen taking a picture of himself while holding his own PSLE results of 183 points. Using the moniker ‘Uncle Joe’ in his post, he went on to explain that the PSLE results should not determine a student’s future.

Good grades doesn’t guarantee success

The ex-rebel pointed out that he had met numerous people who received bad grades in their PSLE who have gone on to excel in areas such as sports, music, business, finance, law, medicine, engineering, and academia.

The 36-year-old also mentioned that he represented criminals who performed well in their PSLE but are now imprisoned.

However, he was quick to point out that his explanation meant that students should not think its fine to do badly nor those who excel will be future criminals.

Jospehus’ post isn’t the only one that encourages students to not let their PSLE results make or break their future.

Derrick Lee, NSF

Poor grades don’t define him

Mr Derrick Lee, now a police officer, recalled in his Facebook post how he was glad to not do well in his PSLE.

He even suggested that his score of 174 was an ominous sign in Mandarin which translated to ‘die together’. He initially struggled in secondary school but managed to overcome them while developing a keen interest in information technology.

Derrick believed had he done well in his PSLE, he would not have been able to pursue his passion of Information Technology in ITE.  His poor showing in the examinations allowed him to become the person he wanted.

The police officer also mentioned about not blaming yourself over your failures but instead work hard to overcome them as that is when true success is attained.

Remember their advice

So, the next time if you take a look at your PSLE certificate and feel sad, remember the wise words from these two men.

We are confident that their advice will spur you on to greater successes and not let the grades you receive determine your future.

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