M’sian Father Tears Up Upon Seeing Youngest Daughter Graduate, She Dedicates Graduation Scroll To Him

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Malaysian Father Sheds Tears Upon Seeing Youngest Daughter Graduate

Asian dads may not be known for being the most verbally and physically expressive when it comes to showing love.

Nonetheless, they give their all as any other good parent does, and when they do express their love, it truly comes from the heart.

For one Malaysian woman, she received the ultimate gesture of love and pride from her father when he shed tears at her convocation.

father tears daughter graduate

Source: TikTok

Visibly holding back tears herself, she tried to soothe her dad by giving him a warm hug.

Many netizens were moved by the scene, which reminded them of their own fathers.

Daughter helps father wipe tears at her convocation

In a video posted on Wednesday (25 Jan), TikTok user Syaf showed how her father became overwhelmed with emotion as he watched her graduate.


ill forever be your princess 🥺 sebab ayah lah ika berjaya belajar dari dulu sampai dah degree. ayah suruh ika buat sampai phD kan? ika cuba ya untuk ayah❤️ #ayahhebat #fyp #foryourpage #konvo #universitimalaya #konvoum2022

♬ Ayah – Seventeen

Via onscreen text, she shared that he was crying uncontrollably and that she could not bear hearing his voice crack as he burst into tears.

At one point, he even had to remove his glasses, leading his attentive daughter to wipe away his tears.

father tears daughter graduate

Source: TikTok

Seeing her father this way, Syaf also had to mentally remind herself to hold it together and not cry.

Eventually, both of them decided to laugh it off, with Syaf revealing that they always joke around if they cry together.

father tears daughter graduate

Source: TikTok

On top of that, she tried to soothe her father by enveloping him in a warm hug and rubbing his hands.

Daughter dedicates graduation scroll to father

Syaf went one step further and presented her father with her graduation scroll as well.

Source: TikTok

At this moment, her father was visibly stunned and speechless as he received another embrace from his daughter.

He only managed to break out of his trancelike state and began giggling once Syaf told him she has grown up now.

In the video’s caption, she wrote, “I’ll forever be your princess. It’s because of you that I was able to do well in my studies, from back then all the way up to my degree.”

Speaking to World of Buzz, Syaf said her father was likely more emotional because she is the youngest of her siblings.

Furthermore, she has enjoyed a close bond with her dad since young as she grew up with only him.

Netizens deeply moved by father’s show of emotion

The profound display of emotion prompted many netizens to express how touched they were.

One viewer quipped that there was now a flood on their pillow after watching the video.

father tears daughter graduate

Source: TikTok

Another netizen mused that we will always seen as be “little babies” in our parents’ eyes.

Syaf agreed, quoting her dad as saying, “I was just changing your diapers yesterday.”

father tears daughter graduate

Source: TikTok

There was also a user who shared that they were able to wear a graduation robe for their father before he passed away a month after their convocation.

Source: TikTok

Finally, a viewer told Syaf how lucky she is to have her father see her succeed and reminded her to love and care for him until the end of his life.

Source: TikTok

Milestones always mean more when you share them with loved ones

Everyone goes through milestones in their lives, but what makes them extra meaningful is being able to share them with our loved ones.

In Syaf’s case, it’s a blessing rarer than one might think to share such a great achievement with the best man in her life.

Here’s hoping that this wholesome father-daughter duo can mark many more memorable occasions together.

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