Mini Overhead Bridge At Fernvale HDB Is Unsheltered, MP Says It’s An Observation Deck 

Roofless Overhead Bridge At Fernvale Block 407C Sparks Questions

Overhead bridges are useful structures that allow us to cross busy roads without having to put ourselves in harm’s way.

A particular overhead bridge in the estate of Sengkang, however, has recently become the subject of much interest after a TikTok clip questioning its purpose vent viral.

Going by the footage, it seems the bridge extends only across a narrow section of the road leading to the nearby blocks.


However, residents could easily cross the road by doing so underneath the shelter. Hence, it’s slightly bewildering as to why there was a need for the overhead crossing – and the steps leading up to it – in the first place.

Sengkang overhead bridge located at Fernvale Road

On Monday (31 May), TikTok user @dweedavid uploaded a short clip featuring a blue and silver bridge near Block 407C Fernvale Road.


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But this isn’t the typical neighbourhood tour video. Instead, the user took the opportunity to question the purpose of the bridge.

Here in Singapore, sheltered crossings serve many purposes, including shielding users from the sun and rain.

However, it seems slightly puzzling as to why there’s a need for steps connecting to the top of the crossing — which isn’t covered.


Furthermore, the road which it extends across comprises just 2 lanes – 1 in each direction – and doesn’t appear to be terribly busy too.

TikTok user gives a tour of the bridge

To illustrate his point, the TikTok user gave viewers a virtual tour of the bridge.


One end of the bridge appears to lead to a garden pavilion across the housing blocks.


The other leads users down a long flight of stairs directly into the HDB estate.


It certainly serves its purpose of connecting one end of the road to the other, but at the same time, walking underneath the shelter without climbing the flights of stairs does seem a lot more chill.

MP says bridge serves many purposes

Responding to Lianhe Zaobao’s queries, MP Gan Thiam Poh shared that the bridge has 3 uses.

Besides being a sheltered walkway for people on the ground, the bridge also doubles up as a drop-off point.

As for the upper portion, Mr Gan says it’s an observation deck that offers residents a vantage point from which to take picturesque images of the estate.

A multi-purpose bridge

Covered walkways and overhead bridges are common structures in our country, where the sun could be shining down hard at one moment and rain could be pouring the next.

We’re glad that Mr Gan has since shared about the uses of the bridge. Who knew such an unassuming structure could serve so different purposes?

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