Malls Will Have 1-Week Grace Period From 13 Oct To Implement Vaccination-Differentiated Measures

From Wednesday (13 Oct), the unvaccinated will no longer be allowed to enter malls and “large standalone stores”.

However, there’ll be a grace period of 1 week from 13 Oct, as venues will be given time to acclimatise to the latest measures, said authorities.

There will also be exemptions given to certain groups, such as people under 12, so they can seek medical services, for example.

1-week grace period for new measures disallowing unvaccinated individuals

The Ministry of Trade and Industry and Enterprise Singapore said in a joint press release on Sunday (10 Oct) that there’ll be a grace period of 1 week for the public to get familiar with the new measures.

Under the new measures, there’ll be Vaccination-Differentiated Safe Management Measures from 13 Oct to protect the unvaccinated as well as reduce strain on the healthcare system.

Due to concerns regarding unvaccinated individuals seeking medical and childcare-related services, the authorities will grant exemptions to them in certain cases.

The following will also be exempt from the new measures:

  • Children aged 12 and below
  • Those recovered from Covid-19
  • Unvaccinated people with a valid negative pre-event test result

Seeks everyone’s support to cooperate

MTI and ESG urged the public to follow the SMM and cooperate with the malls as they implement the new measures.

This will help lower transmission risks and slow the pace of community infections during the Stabilisation Phase, they said.

More information will be released in an advisory before 13 Oct.

Need to slow community infections

While the latest measures will be disappointing especially for those who are unvaccinated for medical reasons, there is a need to protect such individuals.

The unvaccinated are far likelier to suffer from serious Covid-19 illness and pass away from its complications.

As cases go up, so will severe infections and deaths — this appears inevitable. The aim is hence to slow down the spread as far as possible during this period.

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