This Gundam Unicorn Is The First Model That Transforms On Its Own & Speaks Lines From The Anime

Premium Bandai Has Gunpla & Other Collections For The Most Ardent Gundam Lovers

We all have that one friend who when travelling overseas, will disappear for hours inside a Gundam store, only emerging with bags of GUNPLA boxes later.

As any fan of GUNPLA – short for Gundam plastic models – knows, one is never enough. The fun comes not just in assembling the models as therapy, but also painting with tiny brushes.

Deciding which GUNPLA to spend your savings on may be tough, but this new, animated version might just make things easier.

Able to transform automatically with lights and sounds, the new RX-0 Gundam Unicorn could be your friend or SO’s next prized collector’s piece.


Not only are pre-orders already open, those eager to own this Gundam Unicorn and other Gundam collectibles can enjoy free shipping from 19-21 Mar.

Let’s check it out before you make the move.

Auto-transforming Gundam Unicorn GUNPLA

Unlike most GUNPLA, this RX-0 Gundam Unicorn from the Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn anime series is a Real Experience model, able to automatically transform from Unicorn Mode into Destroy Mode.


At 40cm, this is a behemoth-tier GUNPLA which you’ll definitely need to make space for — we suggest creating a living room shrine.


The Destroy Mode transformation is accompanied by the characteristic schwing and whoosh sounds from the anime, which will have you comparing the model and anime side-by-side to check on its authenticity.

Using the buttons on the side, you can pick from several different transformations.

The climatic transformation scenes are taken directly from each episode, allowing you to relive each one, or your favourite.


Other sounds and voices from the anime are also included, so you can hear the epic soundtrack composed by Hiroyuki Sawano for an additional degree of realism.

Gundam Unicorn lights up in red & green

You may have also noticed the difference between green and red on the model.


This is because the Gundam Unicorn also lights up in red to green, signifying the synchronisation of Psycho Frame in the model.

That’s when you know things are about to get serious. You may check out the Gundam Unicorn’s full specs here.

GUNPLA fans looking to take their collection to the next level can pre-order the Gundam Unicorn via Premium Bandai’s link here.

Your prized piece will only be delivered in Dec 2021, so it’ll be a special Christmas treat from you to yourself.

Gundam collectibles available in various sizes on Premium Bandai

Premium Bandai is the official online store of Bandai, selling a large variety of exclusive Gundam collectibles on a pre-order basis, from big to smol.

Along with the Gundam Unicorn are more conventional fare that fans will be familiar with, and both display models and action figures are available, like classics from Crossbone Gundam and Gundam Wing.

Crossbone Gundam X-0 Full Cloth

Snag these for your cart along with other goodies to take full advantage of the free shipping.

Tallgeese III (Titanium Finish)

Aside from the classic range, Premium Bandai also offers numerous customisable and novelty figures for those who may wish to manipulate their mecha more than the standard ones allow.

One of them is the Ultimate Mechanix Unicorn Gundam Auto-Trans, which as the name suggests, has an auto-transformation tool.

Ultimate Mechanix Unicorn Gundam

Most of us will be familiar with the childhood routine of rummaging through our wallets for pocket change, then squatting by the gachapon machine for the chance to win a prize.

Reliving these childhood memories is now possible with this transformable capsule storage Gunpla.

It comes with a controller for your Gundam Unicorn to transform and light up luminously.

You can pre-order the Gundam Unicorn capsule toy at Premium Bandai here.

3-day free delivery promo at Premium Bandai

Starting from 12pm on 19 Mar till 21 Mar, enthusiasts can enjoy free delivery on all orders. Be sure to clue your Gundam-loving friends in on the news as well so they can cop models that are missing in their collections.


Share this link to Premium Bandai’s website so your BFFs can browse their options and choose which anime figures and items they want.

Mobile Suit G-FRAME

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Mobile Suit Ensemble EX

Gundam Unicorn will make your collection more lit

GUNPLA lovers may not be able to go too far this year to hunt for new models, let alone to Akihabara, but by Dec, they will have a shiny auto-transforming Gunpla instead.

Can’t think of a better flex than that.

While the Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn anime ended in 2016, fans can relive the excitement they felt watching, as well as its fights and OST, through the RX-0 Gundam Unicorn GUNPLA.

This post was brought to you in collaboration with Premium Bandai.

Featured image courtesy of Premium Bandai.

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