Hai Chi Jia’s Suan La Fen Now On Asia’s Best Food Website

The weather of late has been pretty erratic, to say the least, with torrential rain happening at one moment & unbearably hot weather just minutes later.

This might not affect us much if we’re working indoors, but it certainly does when we’re heading out during our precious 1-hour lunch breaks.

So if you’d like to save yourself from getting wet – be it from rain or sweat – when you’re out dabao-ing, we might just have the solution for you.


Hai Chi Jia ( 嗨吃家), known for their suan la fen (酸辣粉) – sour and spicy vermicelli – is THE most viral food trend in Singapore right now.

The best part is, it’s available for delivery to your house through Asia’s Best, so you can prepare it at home and save that trip outside.

Springy noodles with a balanced spicy broth


Known for their springy noodles and balanced broth, Hai Chi Jia’s version of the instant dish comes with a dash of crispy peanuts which provide a crunchy contrast to the soft tang hoon.


It also came in first in a The Straits Times review comparing 8 different brands of suan la fen.


Around $2.82/cup of hot & sour noodles

Given its popularity, Hai Chi Jia’s lineup of products can be hard to obtain. Waiting time can even stretch up 2 weeks as most stores are sold out and waiting to get stock from overseas.

Thankfully, the popular Suan La flavour is now readily available via Asia’s Best’s online store. For their stock items that are in stock, they promise delivery within 1 or 2 days, depending on what time you placed the ordered.


Apart from the classic suan la fen, 3 other flavours are also available:

  • Hua Jia Fen (花甲粉) — includes La La Clams
  • Mala Oden (跳跳鱼丸) — includes Fishballs
  • Jiao Ma Fen (椒麻粉)  — includes Rice crackers

All flavours are available at S$16.90/carton, each containing 6 cups of noodles, amounting to ~S$2.82 per cup — even cheaper than a plate of chicken rice. These products often go for up to S$19.90 on other e-commerce sites.


Customers can enjoy free delivery when they purchase 3 or more cartons. So if you have family or friends who are dying to give these a try, consider jio-ing them and collating your orders.

If you’d like to save yourself from the dabao woes caused by the extreme weather, consider giving a piping hot cup of Hai Chi Jia’s suan la fen a try at home. You can order it here.

Featured image adapted from Asia’s Best Food.