Hot & Humid June Weather In S’pore, With 35°C Days & Occasional Showers

Hot & Humid Weather Will Continue In June With Occasional Showers

The weather these days seems to reflect Singapore’s mood as a whole.

Yesterday, Mother Nature celebrated the end of the ‘Circuit Breaker’ with a stunning double rainbow, seen islandwide by many.

Image courtesy of an MS News reader

This morning, we were blessed yet again with a stunning vermillion sunrise.


June is predicted to be a hot and humid month, and we hope the bright, balmy weather brings some good news along with it too.


Hot & humid weather of up to 35°C in first half of June

Meterological Service Singapore (MSS) predicts heavy showers and warm weather in the first 2 weeks of June thanks to the Southwest Monsoon.

If the weather’s anything like today’s (2 Jun), be prepared to sit in front of fans and turn on the aircon as we might see highs of 35°C on a few days, with temperatures ranging from 28-34°C on others.

Nights are expected to be boiling as well, with temperatures settling at 28°C on most days.

Accuweather seems to say the same, but with highs of 31°C instead.


More frequent showers on most morning and afternoon

With the Southeast Monsoon coming our way, we’re set to experience more frequent showers as well.

MSS predicts rain in parts of Singapore on most mornings and early afternoons.


Widespread, heavy downpours are only forecasted in the early morning on a few days, but we think it’s a good idea to keep an umbrella with you at all times if you’re heading out.

Cloudy with a chance of lightning

The last 2 weeks of June look like they’ll be cloudy, with a good number of lightning storms in between.


Hopefully, they provide some relief from the hot weather. If baking supplies aren’t still sold out, it’ll be the perfect weather to get crackin’ in the kitchen with some warm, fresh bakes.

stay home circuit breakerImage courtesy of an MS News reader

The perfect beach weather

The weather forecast for June screams ‘beach weather’ — we just hope we’ll be able to enjoy it on the warm, sandy shores, or at least at the park.

Hopefully, June brings more good news regarding Covid-19, and the reopening of our economy.

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