Hi-Chew Green Apple Selling For Up To S$500 On Carousell After Manufacturer Announces Discontinuation

Hi-Chew Green Apple Deemed ‘Limited Edition’ In Carousell Listings

When news broke that Hi-Chew will be retiring its Green Apple gummies, confectionary lovers worldwide let out a collective sigh.

Hi-Chew Retires Green Apple Flavour, Manufacturer Claims They Are Less Popular Now

At the same time, news of the discontinuation gave some opportunistic individuals inspiration to hopefully make a quick buck.

Since Thursday (4 Aug), some Carousell users in Singapore have listed Green Apple flavoured Hi-Chew candies at marked-up prices.

Source: Carousell

Describing their candy as “limited edition”, one user even listed theirs for a whopping S$500– nearly 125 times the retail price.

Carousell users list Hi-Chew Green Apple at marked-up price

As news broke earlier this week about the discontinuation of the 12-piece Green Apple Hi-Chew candy, at least six Carousell users have listed the product for sale, jumping on the ‘limited edition’ bandwagon.

One user attached a S$500 price tag to his listing but elaborated that he’s selling 10 pieces for S$450, which still comes to about S$45 per packet.

Source: Carousell

Other users were less ambitious, with the next most expensive listing going for S$120.50. The user shared that they decided to sell their “secret stash” based on their guess that Hi-Chew’s supply would unlikely be able to meet the market’s demand.

Source: Carousell

Another user listed theirs for S$50, highlighting its Aug 2023 expiry date which essentially allows the buyer to sit and marvel at the candy for a whole year before it turns bad.

Source: Carousell

While most users were seemingly in it for the cash, OK1 SG, a mama shop located in MacPherson, listed theirs for just S$1.90 per pack.

Source: Carousell

Besides urging customers to patronise their store, OK1 SG also shared that a portion of their profit will go towards their “caretable”, which provides needy individuals with free groceries.

Manufacturer discontinues Green Apple Hi-Chew, citing waning popularity

On Tuesday (2 Aug), Morinaga, the company which manufactures Hi-Chew, announced that they’ll be discontinuing the flavour.

Citing waning popularity, the manufacturer said the apple-flavoured candy can still be available in assorted flavour packs.

This means the move will only affect the 12-piece Hi-Chew Green Apple pack, commonly found in mama shops and supermarkets.

Entrepreneurial spirit well & alive on Carousell

While it’s unclear if anyone actually bought the marked-up candies, what’s certain is that the opportunistic and entrepreneurial spirit is well and alive, at least on Carousell.

Beyond that, the listings prove that the Green Apple flavour will be missed by many.

Would you pay a three-digit sum for a pack of Green Apple Hi-Chew if it’s the last one on Earth? Let us know in the comments.

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