Jack Wills Warehouse Sale At North Spring Bizhub From 21-29 Dec

The Dec-Jan period is often one of headache: there are weddings, parties, and formal events jam-packed into the calendar.

Your parents or spouse might already be nagging you to revamp that wardrobe, so what better time to do that than with Jack Wills?


While the British clothing brand is about to leave Singapore, having shut down their outlets here, their products are being sold at a warehouse sale.

Jack Wills products will be landing in Yishun for this end-of-year bonanza, to run from 21-29 Dec.

Slides, shirts, bags & more

Recent rainy weather probably has got your goat, since in spite of the coolness, your shoes probably aren’t holding up as well due to “ponding”.

At the sale price of $15 (U.P $40), these emblazoned sandals can be yours.

Dress shirts are an indispensable part of formal events.

Also, you don’t want to own just one shirt, depending on the occasion. So for the heavily discounted price of $40 (U.P $119), you can grab 3 for what would usually be the price of 1.

What a steal.

For the more kopitiam fashion-attuned, these flip-flops will place you in the lead of the pack with the rest of the heartlanders.

They cost $10 (U.P $29.50) each, lelong.

Bottom pair of feet not included.

Current bag can’t carry all of your awesomeness? Maybe Jack Wills’ range of bags can. Prices begin at $15, and end in your possession.

Sweater weather, cuddle weather, 21 degree weather, you name it — them hoodies and sweaters will keep you snug no matter the environment.

Gotta go down to buy food but don’t want to look too casual?

Maybe this tennis bodycon dress, comfortable yet stylish, is exactly what you need.

All Jack Wills clothing must go at North Spring Bizhub from 20 Dec

What we’ve shown is just a small sample. All manners of clothing and accessories from T-shirts and dresses to underwear and Bermudas are available.

Payments can be made via cash, PayNow and PayLah!

Jack Wills Warehouse Sale

Getting to the venue is relatively simple – about 20 minutes’ bus ride by bus 811 from opposite Yishun MRT station, Exit B.

Date: 21-29 Dec
Venue: North Spring Bizhub, 7 Yishun Industrial Street 1, #01-41, Singapore 768163
Nearest MRT: Yishun MRT
Website: Jack Wills

Operating hours are from 12pm to 9pm, except Christmas Eve (24 Dec) from 12pm to 5pm only.

The sale will not be running on Christmas Day (25 Dec), maybe because that’s a day to collect presents and nua at home.

All images courtesy of Jack Wills unless stated otherwise.