10 People Slipped On Ramp In Chinatown Within A Day, Reports Lianhe Wanbao

While most of us have been enjoying Singapore’s cool aircon temperatures, the constant rain has taken a toll on a particularly slippery elevated pavement in Chinatown.


A concerned restaurant owner claims he saw at least 10 people slipping on a ramp outside Chinatown’s Havelock II mall, along Eu Tong Sen street, reports Lianhe Wanbao on Monday (16 Dec).

‘Slippery’ ramp leads to frequented traffic junction

The relatively steep ramp spans a wide area, and pedestrians who are exiting the mall usually take the ramp down to reach the road’s junction.


Lianhe Wanbao interviewed a restaurant owner in the mall named Mr Wu, who claims he witnesses “pedestrians falling down” from time to time.

This usually occurs when they’re in a hurry, or rushing to catch the blinking green man when they cross the junction.

At least 10 pedestrians seen slipping on ramp

Mr Wu observed that tourists who “are not familiar” with the ramp are also susceptible to falling.


On Sunday (14 Dec), a typically busy day for pedestrians, Mr Wu claims to have seen “at least 10 pedestrians” slipping on the pavement, exacerbated by the heavy rainfall which makes it even more slippery.

Cross roads carefully in the rain

We hope that Mr Wu’s account will encourage all of us to try to practice prudent road safety habits.

By slowing down our paces when we walk, or choosing not to rush for the blinking green man at the pedestrian crossing, we will be able to reduce our risks of falling.

This is especially important if we’re travelling with elderly family members or young children, since the heavy rainfall is expected to last all the way till Jan 2020.

Do you know of other similar tricky ramps or roads to cross in Singapore? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

Featured image adapted from Google Maps.