Rainy Weather To Last Till Mid Jan 2020, According To AccuWeather

The meteorological services have spoken — this balmy wet weather will persist through the rest of December and last till the second week of January next year. So if you’ve made plans for a picnic or for frollicking in the fields, it may be time to withdraw your excitement.

Let’s have a look at the forecast for Dec 2019 provided by AccuWeather. We’re at the first box, 15 Dec. For the rest of the boxes, there’s either thunderstorm or heavy rain.


Into the first week of 2020, nothing really changes. It’s only on the second week on Tuesday that the mood of the sky starts lightening up. You’ll even see the sun again on 9 Jan — how it will be missed then.


Temperatures on the low side as well

Temperatures for the rest of Dec are forecasted to hover below 30°C and at about 25°C in the night. But they may just turn out lower, as the previous week had shown. Temperatures in the previous week went as low as 26°C during day.

For those of you who are sensitive to temperature changes, be sure to wear a sweater or long sleeves. You surely wouldn’t want to fall sick just before the festive period and New Year’s Day.

Nevertheless, let’s enjoy this terrific, air-con weather.

Featured image adapted from Flickr.